The request policy applies to the Translate: (translation) and Correct: (correction) namespaces, especially on Translate:Requests and Correct:Requests.

Rules Edit

  • Follow the general rules
  • Follow the instructions as they are written on the top of the request pages
  • Request limitations
    • Maximum number of links per request: 3. Exceptions:
      • If one requested item is several printed pages: 1
      • If you are posting sentences or short paragraphs, you can add up to ten
    • You can have multiple requests running, but can only create 1/day (2/day for Brigadiers, no limit for Staff)
  • Wiki limitations
    • The wiki which the request is made for, must be at least 30 days old (60 days if founder = requester)
  • When requesting to individual users, please make note that they can decline/refuse, even when they have put themselves as Available 15px-U-Available.png in w:Template:WLB. Do not push people to do your request.

Request types Edit

  • Active requests (transcorr)
    • Requests that have not yet been worked on or
    • Requests that aren't yet completed, but have no one working on them.
  • On hold requests (transcorr)
    • Requests that are being worked on or
    • Requests to/from a lot of languages of which 10 or more languages have been completed or
    • Requests that exceed the guidelines (e.g. more items than allowed).
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