This is a draft to rewrite the policies into one page. Please do not translate yet, unless someone who doesn't understand them wants to know what's written here. Feel free to write any comments or remarks on my message wall or skype. (btw: is this order good? or should I reorganize?)

Already exported from this document:

Review policyEdit

The review policy applies to the page Testimonials, where you can post any comments or remarks of

  • Follow the general rules
  • Anyone can post a review: Brigadiers, Wikians and anons - even if they never edited here before
  • Reviews can be posted anytime: if your request was last year, you can still post now
  • You may write in any language, languages outside those we cover, and even conlanguages included
  • What can you review?
    • What you think of the project: good idea? doomed to fail?
    • General behavior or communication: of people making/responding to/completing requests
    • How requests were handled: speed, quality of the translation
    • Our wiki: structure, translations, any ideas you have
    • Basically anything you can think of!
  • Both if you are posting a negative and positive review, explanation ("why do you think so?") is nice
  • Short posts are nice, long posts are nicer :)
  • Don't forget to sign!

Portal policyEdit

  • Follow the general rules
  • When posting a message:
    • When creating a new message, start a new header
    • Always sign (~~~~) your messages
    • When responding, add one more indentation than previous post
  • To be able to add yourself as member in a portal, you must
    • Be a Wikian or Brigadier with babel level ≥ 2, OR
    • Be a moderator, rollback, admin, bureaucrat, VSTF, Helper or Staff with babel level = 1
  • To be able to add yourself as moderator in a portal, you must
    • Have translated at least several paragraphs of that language on this wiki or on request, AND
    • Be a moderator, rollback, admin, bureaucrat, VSTF, Helper or Staff with babel level ≥ 2
  • Do not add other people to the portal
  • Sort portal members by babel level and (within the same level) alphabetically
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