Currently, our wiki does not yet have any regulation in regards to promotion and demotion of chat moderators. However, since chat moderators are the only ones who can control Botalu (the chat bot), it might be helpful to have a promotion/demotion system.

Proposed rules Edit

Chat moderators exist to cover most major languages: they help people in chat, and they make sure chat goes smoothly and everyone feels welcome.

Promotion of chat mods happens in the following way:

  • Selection by an admin
  • Approval by wiki editors (through community vote)
  • NO self promotion

Some criteria kept into account for choosing a new chat mod:

  • Relevance of the language: only/mainly major languages
  • Activity in the chat: how often does he/she come to chat
  • Helpfulness to users: does he/she help the other users

If a chat moderator is absent from chat for over a month, his/her moderator status will be taken away. Exception:

  • If he/she announced his/her absence [and reason thereof] on beforehand.
  • Reconsideration of mods who left unannounced because of an emergency or other weighty reason.

How to vote Edit

This time, we will not use a poll to vote. Please type either SUPPORT (agree with rules), NEUTRAL (no opinion) or OPPOSE (disagree with rules) in the comments below. Let us know which part of the rules you like or dislike and why.

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