Dear Brigadiers and other Language Brigade Wiki users,

With this blog, I'd like to offer two ways for the content pages of this wiki to be displayed in. Since we'd like for this wiki to be easy for people to use, we'd like to ask you guys what you think is the best option.

Current system: tabviewEdit

Screenshot_tabview.png The current system we use to display content pages, is tabview. It shows the list of languages that the page is available in, standard displaying the English version. The text displayed is located at subpages, and the content of a subpage is rendered when the tab is selected.

  • Arguments for
    • Shorter loading time: only the tabview text needs to be loaded
    • Users can add new languages to the list, no admin is needed for that
  • Arguments against
    • Requires one extra click on every page
    • Takes up a bigger amount of space when a lot of languages are available (and languages are only added, never removed)

Alternative system: i18nEdit

Screenshot_i18n.png The i18n system used on Translate and Correct pulls its messages from subpages as well, however via MediaWiki. The tiny flags at the top however still allow you to select another language, attaching ?uselang=xx to the end of the URL.

  • Arguments for
    • Instantly displays the language in user preferences, no extra clicks
    • Takes up less space when a lot of languages are available
  • Arguments against
    • Longer loading time: selecting another language refreshes the page
    • Changes display instantly, but page creations require an admin to add the language

Which do you choose?Edit

The Translate and Correct pages will remain i18n, and threads/blogs will remain displayed in tabview. However, for content pages such as Templates, Babel, WLB, we will have to consistently choose one option.

To have a good overview of what our users prefer, we'd like you to vote on the poll below. Our wiki's future depends on you!

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