aka Tim

  • I live in the great expanse of the Outback, where deadly animals (such as I) thrive and co-exist with the scorching heat of the sun as it beats down upon the land... ...just kidding. I live in Perth, Australia.
  • I was born on June 17
  • My occupation is part-time music teacher, cartoonist, general pain in the butt
  • I am not an alien


My username is WikiBuilder1147, and I'm a Language Brigadier for the English, Japanese and German languages. I am a native speaker of English, and I can speak and write Japanese at an intermediate level, and German at a basic level.

My current status for WLB is: Available.



英語:母語話者 日本語:中級 ドイツ語:初級



Ich bin WikiBuilder1147. Ich sprache Englisch, Japanische und Deutsch.

Englisch: Muttersprachler Japanische: Erweiterte Basiskenntnisse Deutsch: Basiskenntnisse

Status: Verfügbar

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