aka Pella

  • I live in my house, duh
  • I was born on September 20
  • My occupation is househusband
  • I am a dude

My nickname is Pella. Pella is a Dravidian word that means, "elephant".[1] Dravidian is an ancient language still spoken in southern India, and elephants are my favourite animals. Now you know.

Why am I here?Edit

I am one of the heaviest editors at TrainStation Wiki, a Wikia built around a fun train game. Lately, we've had requests to add multilingual capabilities to the site. After two weeks of research, I finally discovered WLB. I became a Brigadier, and I hope to take much of what I learn here back to TS Wiki.


  • I am a native speaker of American English.
    • I am highly proficient with spelling and grammar. I even belong to a Facebook group called Language Snobs ’Я’ Us.
  • I prefer to use British English spellings when I write.
  • I studied Spanish for three years in high school, and I have communicated with people in Spanish in countries around the world (Babel 2).
  • I know tiny bits and pieces and words and phrases of: French, German, Italian, Greek, Hebrew, Japanese, Tagalog, and Gaelic (Babel 0-1).
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  1. My entire knowledge of Dravidian consists of this one word. Sorry.
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