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このユーザーは 日本語母語としています。

This user is a native speaker of Japanese.
This user has a basic level of English.
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Wikia Language Brigadier.
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Thank you, world ―― 3.11 2011 JAPAN

About me


My English is not good enough. I'm sorry if my sentence looks impolite to you (>_<)

My favorite wikis

参考 (Reference Sites)[]

こちらのWikiでもいろいろ教わりました。 (Thank you, Yatalu-san, Rzymianin-san, JP-Corran-Horn-san, ChokokuguzaNoTobira-san, Trollocool-san, MultiBana-san, RenzXVI-san and Finelia-san, Shining-Armor-san!)

辞書・翻訳サイト (Dictionary/Translate)[]

※ WLB Wikiで、機械翻訳したものを投稿しないでください。
  • みんなの知識 ちょっと便利帳 - 助数詞・文字変換・慣用色名等 (JA)
  • YOMOYOMO - Nihongo wo yomou! Japanese to Rōmaji(Romanized Japanese) (Hepburn romanization, Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs Passport Standard?) and so on
  • ヘボン式変換君 Hepburn-shiki henkan-kun Hiragana (ひらがな, Japanese syllabary characters) / Katakana (カタカナ, one of the Japanese syllabaries) to Rōmaji(Romanized Japanese) ※It can't convert "from はんいん to han'in" and "from ローマじ to rōmaji correctly - It convert from them to hanin (はにん?) and romaji (ロマじ?).

現地時間 (Local time)[]