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This user can contribute with a near-native level of English.

Hey! You are now on my profile on the Language Brigade Wiki.

What I do on the Fandom?

I registered on Fandom March 29, 2013. I edit various wikis in Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, English, Croatian, Chinese, Polish and Arabic language portals also I provide technical support for various wikis.

My activity on this wiki

On this wiki I do translations in Russian, Belarusian, Ukrainian, Arabic and Croatian. In addition I translate from/into Polish and from English. I hope that you will have a great time with us! ^_^

My favorite subjects for translations

  • Floristics. I really love flowers. I really like to translate texts about different plants. The world of plants is actually more interesting than it seems to many. If your text for translation is dedicated to plants I will gladly help you with the translation.
  • Automobiles. The most popular means of transportation in our time after the subway, of course. From the oldest Fords to the new Isuzu. I'm interested in absolutely all kinds of cars. If your text is dedicated to automobiles I will help with the translation of technical and historical terms.
  • The Second World War. While there is a government in the world people continue to shed blood. We mustn't repeat the mistakes of our ancestors. If your text is dedicated to Second World War I can help you with the translation of the England, Nazi Germany and USSR actions.
  • Chess. The battle of intellects without physical consequences. A game that trains logical and strategic thinking. Who was the best chessplayer in history? Capablanca? Botvinnik? Tal? Smyslov? Fisher? Kasparov? Carlsen? If your text is dedicated to chess I can help with translating the moves and names of chess debuts.
  • Mafia. In translation from Italian this word can mean junta. A world from which there is no road back. The path of the gangster is thorny and dangerous. If your text is dedicated to this subject you can count on my help with the translation.
It is worthwhile to understand that the subjects of my translations aren't limited to the above. I can translate texts of other subjects but can't guarantee the quality of translation.

If you want to email me, use the wall.

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