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Wiki: Most of these characters in the game Overwatch speak in their own language but I really like to write down what they say in their original language. It's not a translation, is more writing down what the characters are saying so I can put these catchphrases in the Wikia.

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  • French (1:26)
    • Phrase around Minute 1:26
    • Phrase around Minute 1:42
    • Phrase around Minute 1:49
  • Japanese Checkmark Done
  1. The original catchphrases are here in this video
  2. 0:43
  3. Next is around 0:50. The next like "Gleichgewicht der Seele."
  4. "Jai!" (I think it's "若伊" but I am not sure)
  5. Next would be in 1:02 "Not good enough."
  6. Last thing is in 1:11 "Damnit!"

Item: Translation (please correct!)
Japanese original phrase (Romaji)

FAIRER KAMPF: Come, give me a fair chance! (or Come, let us fight with ( a ) good grace!)
fr:Un battle royal.
ja: いざ、尋常に勝負! (Iza, jinjō ni shōbu!)
nl:Eerlijk gevecht.

GLEICHGEWICHT DER SEELE: Balance of the soul.
fr: Balance de l'âme.
ja: 我が魂は (Wa ga tamashii wa)
nl: Balans van de ziel.

JA!: YES! (de:JA!)
fr: OUI!
ja: よし! (Yoshi!)
nl: JA!

NICHT GUT GENUG: Not good enough.
fr: Ne suffisait pas.
ja: まだまだ (Mada mada, lit. still; still more; much more)
nl: Niet goed genoeg.

fr: Zut!
ja: くそぉっ! (Kuso!)
nl: Verdomme!


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