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Extra information: If you haven't heard of it, Torus is a more IRCish client for wikia's chat.

I just added i18n support and I was wondering if anyone was interested in translating the UI. I picked en -> nl because I know Yat is dutch, but I can use any language.

If you can just duplicate the linked file, I can merge it into the github repo, or if you know git you can open a PR and I'll merge that.

If you want context for what shows up where, there's a live demo at w:c:monchbox:Special:Torus. It hasn't gotten through code review yet, but when it does in a few hours, you can add ?uselang=qqx to the url and everything will show what message generates it instead of the english text.

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WIP In progress. I need a dictionary for some IRC specific terms, but I don't have one here right now. In addition, Wikia chat seems broken, so I can't use that one for proper localization either. Feel free to add/change this translation.

Torus.i18n['nl'] = {
	'yes': 'ja',
	'no': 'nee',
	'status': '#status',
	'error-login': 'Het lijkt er op dat je op met moment niet ingelogd bent. Je moet een account hebben om chat op Wikia te kunnen gebruiken. Gelieve te [[Special:UserSignup|registreren]] of [[Special:UserLogin|in te loggen]].',
	'error-otherbrowser': 'Je bent verbonden met $1 vanuit een ander venster.',
	'error-cantkickmods': 'Moderators kunnen niet gekicked worden.',
	'title': 'Torus - het is een donut - $1',
	'firstheading': 'Torus',
	'secondheading': 'het is een donut',
	'connecting': 'Verbinding maken met $1...',
	'info-public': 'Public room of $1.',
	'info-private': 'Private room of $1, between $2.',
	'info-menu': 'Torus v$1, running on $2',
	'info-menu-back': 'Terug naar het menu',
	'message-join': '$1 joined $2',
	'message-rejoin': '$1 rejoined $2',
	'message-part': '$1 left $2',
	'message-ghost': '$1 ghosted $2',
	'message-logout': '$1 logde uit',
	'message-mod': '$1 promoted $2 to chatmod of $3',
	'message-kick': '$1 kicked $2 from $3',
	'message-ban': '$1 banned $2 from $3 vanwege $4',
	'message-banlinks-talk': 't',
	'message-banlinks-contribs': 'c',
	'message-banlinks-history': 'log',
	'message-banlinks-chatconnect': 'ccon',
	'message-unban': '$1 unbanned $2 from $3',
	'popup-talk': 'overleg',
	'popup-contribs': 'bijdragen',
	'popup-history': 'bangeschiedenis',
	'popup-chatconnect': 'chatconnect',
	'popup-pm': 'Privé bericht',
	'popup-block': 'Blokeer PMs',
	'popup-unblock': 'Deblokeer PMs',
	'popup-mod': 'Promote to mod',
	'popup-mod-areyousure': 'Weet je het zeker?',
	'popup-kick': 'Kick',
	'popup-ban': 'Ban',
	'popup-ban-expiry': 'Expiry',
	'popup-ban-reason': 'Reden',
	'menu-menu': 'menu',
	'menu-torus': 'Torus v$1',
	'menu-fork': 'fork me',
	'menu-report': 'raporteer een bug',
	'menu-suggest': 'suggereer een bug',
	'menu-doc': '"documentatie"',
	'pings-name': 'Pings',
	'pings-alert': 'Alert',
	'pings-interval': 'Interval',
	'pings-beep': 'Beep',
	'pings-sound': 'Geluid',
	'pings-literal': 'Letterlijk',
	'pings-regex': 'Regex',
	'pings-add': '+ Toevoegen',
	'options-name': 'Opties',
	'options-enabled': 'Ingeschakeld',
	'options-messages': 'Berichten',
	'options-messages-general': 'Algemeen',
	'options-messages-general-max': 'Max',
	'options-messages-general-rejoins': 'Rejoins',
	'options-messages-general-timezone': 'Tijdzone',
	'options-misc': 'Div',
	'options-misc-connection': 'Connectie',
	'options-misc-connection-default_rooms': 'Default rooms',
	'options-misc-connection-local': 'Lokaal',
	'options-misc-user_colors': 'Gebruikerskleuren',
	'options-misc-user_colors-hue': 'Hue',
	'options-misc-user_colors-sat': 'Sat',
	'options-misc-user_colors-val': 'Val',
	'options-misc-links': 'Links',
	'options-misc-links-chat': 'Chat',
	'options-misc-links-target': 'Doel',
	'themes-name': 'Thema\'s',
	'themes-text': 'tekst',
	'themes-link': 'link',
	'themes-away': 'afwezig',
	'themes-ping': 'ping',
	'themes-name-binary': 'Binear',
	'themes-name-creampuff': 'Creampuff',
	'themes-name-default': 'Standaard',
	'themes-name-plain': 'Plain',
	'commands-help': 'Help: $1:\n$2',
	'commands-nohelp': 'Geen help data beschikaar voor $1',
	'commands-dir': 'Commands:\n$1\nVolledige Documentatie: [[w:c:monchbox:Torus]]',
	'commands-help-join': 'Gebruik: /join <domain>\nJoin the chat room associated with <domain>. `/join 0` is special, it is the same as `/logout`.\nFor example, `/join community` will take you to the room for [[w:|]].',
	'commands-help-part': 'Gebruik: /part <domain>\nLeave the room associated with <domain>. If <domain> is unspecified, you will leave the room you are currently viewing.',
	'commands-help-logout': 'Gebruik: /logout\nLeave every room.',
	'commands-help-kick': 'Gebruik: /kick <user>\nKick <user> from the current room.',
	'commands-help-ban': 'Gebruik: /ban <user> <expiry> <summary>\nBan or reban <user> from the current room. Use quotes on anything with spaces (eg. /ban "A troll" "1 day" "being mean").',
	'commands-help-private': 'Gebruik: /private <user1> <user2> <user3>...\nOpen a private room with each of the specified users. Use quotes on names with spaces (eg. /private "Some guy" Admin "Other guy")',
	'commands-help-away': 'Gebruik: /away <message>\nToggle your away status for the current room. If <message> is specified, your status message will be set to that.',
	'commands-help-back': 'Gebruik: /back <message>\nSet your status state to `here` for the current room. If <message> is specified, your status message will be set to that.',
	'commands-help-status': 'Gebruik: /status <state> <message>\nChange your status state and/or message for the current room. Your status state can only be one word (no spaces), but your status message can be as long as you want. Users on Special:Chat won\'t be able to see either.\nTwo status states are special:\n`here`: used to denote active users. `/back` will set your status state to this.\n`away`: user to denote inactive users. `/away` will set your status state to this.',
	'commands-help-ctcp': 'Gebruik: /ctcp <target> <proto> <message>\nClient to client protocol. Other users with Torus implement at least the <proto> "version".\nIf the target user has spaces in their name, you must surround their name with quotes.\n<target> defaults to an empty string (meaning everyone). <proto> defaults to "version". <message> defaults to an empty string.\nThis means that just "/ctcp" is equivalent to sending everyone in the room a "/ctcp <name> version".',
	//'commands-help-me': Gebruik: /me <message>\nEmote yourself.',
	'commands-help-options': 'Gebruik: /options\nView options.',
	'commands-help-fullscreen': 'Gebruik: /fullscreen\nMake Torus fullscreen.',
	'commands-help-help': 'Gebruik: /help <command>\nToont help.',

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