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Items: Die Aachener Münzen, pp. 183-184 (when you click the link it should automatically be on 183)

Extra information: This book was published in 1913. I'm not sure how much German has changed since then, but there might (or might not) be some archaic words. I do not need the footnotes translated, just the main text.

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Strange. I can access it, so perhaps access varies by location. I have uploaded the two pages in image format to my test wiki:
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Sorry that it took me so long. Here is the english version. All things I set in these brackets are just my notes and you can errase them if you need the whole text. I linked some words with Wikipedia to give you the information, that these are german technical terms and also I shortcutted some sentences because they were way too long. Thanks Joseph for looking over the text for grammar mistakes!


The coin of the lords from Hein and Bleid.

"The little country of the Heath", north of the old Aachen's realm, localities originally only called the Heath, in contrast of the neighboring realm Rode (city in the forest of the Harz), which today is Herzogenrath, for the first time named in a document in the year of 1303. In this document "Arnoldus miles de Pomerio" (Ser Arnold v. Bongart) assigned earl Garhard v. Jülich his house "zer Heiden" (= zu den Heiden; to the Heath), which was an old water castle, in order to be hospitable, while 15 years before, Garhard was nominated by Duke Johann I. v. Brabant to be a Seneschal of the Realm of Herzogenrath while his father was like his father Gottfried nominated as a burgrave in Limburg.

Since 1340, domination succeeded son Goedert, who provided services for margrave Wilhelm in the feud against the Falkenburger, who was nominated to be the Amtmann of Wilhelmstein, Cornelimuenster, Falkenburger, Richterich, and several located villages too. In 1370, he was in possession of a bond of debt of 10.000 Goldgulden (actually only a name for coins) for his nephew Johann v. Gronsfeld's benefit. Nevertheless, the House Bongart, who was in a relationship with Reinhard II. v. Schönvorst, was slain in Aachen, but the reign of the brabanter lineage remained because Heinrich von Gronsfeld stepped in the shoes of his old brother, and when he died in 1400, his son-in-law, Christian v. Merode, received his heritage. His grandchild Maria could bring the landscape, who grew in the reign of Blyt bei Maestricht, in possession for the Bergian family of Schönrode-Paffendorf in the year of 1515 and since they became extinct (no family member left), Bongarts zu Winandsrode won his old home ownership with the gift from the nun Anna and the instructions in the year 1564.


Since Werner, the younger brother, got Paffendorf and Winandsrode, Wilhelm I. von dem Bongart followed him in the land of Heath with Blyt and Bergerhausen. He was a strict order leading man and since 1571 he was the head of the Prince-elector bishop of Cologne and lead the Falkenburg. In 1596 his son, Wilhelm II., who was a jülich secret council, a Kammermeister (I didn't found a english word for it but he has the job to look if the money is in the city, looks if everything is okay and has the task that money flows in the bank), a bailiff in Grevenbroich, Gladbach and Heinsberg and he was a great statesman and diplomat. He was entrusted with all legations. Through the century a male heritage took place since 1694 where two sisters with equal rights initiate a division of the estate. The biggest proportion went to the old house in Pfaffendorf when Anna Maria and the baron Philipp Wilhelm von Bongart got married. 1742 Johann Hugo was dispensed to prevent the extinction of their familyname because his grandson Ferdinant died in the french revolution. The estate was kept since today.

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