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Items: I need a translation from the official Website for the SAO Game. Only the text under the headline "Indroducion".

Extra information: The text will be for the german SAO Community so I will translate the engl. text after that into the german language. We will make sure to mention the WLB and the translator in the upcomming blog.

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Translation[edit | edit source]

INTRODUCTION[edit | edit source]

At last, the secret to the creation of "Sword Art Online" has been revealed.
The components absolutely necessary in a FullDive VRMMO[1] game are... an advanced AI technology and the latest load balancing network technology.

The year 2016. "Sword Art Online", a next-generation game designed by genius programmer Kayaba Akihiko[2], was still nothing more than a theory, and its development was at a standstill.
But when Kayaba learned of certain technologies offered by particular company, the situation greatly changed.
These technologies were the next-generation cognitive computing system and the high-performance cloud service “SoftLayer” proposed by IBM.
Kayaba dramatically accelerated development by using these two technologies and finished making prototype.
Finally, they started running the "SAO alpha test” and invited test players ――.

By a strange twist of fate, "Akihiko Kayaba" and "another engineer/researcher" met before the prototype came out. This story is an anecdote about their development ――.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online
  2. Kayaba Akihiko (茅場晶彦) - Kayaba is his family name, Akihiko his given name.

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