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Wiki: w:c:prison-school

Items: title, roumaji+meaning: 中古でも恋がしたい!

premise: 偶然助けた不良少女がヒロイン級美少女に!? 隠れオタクの高校生・新宮清一は、校内一の不良少女・綾女古都子を偶然助ける。これが切っ掛けとなり、古都子は清一に一目ぼれし、ギャルゲーの様なヒロイン級美少女に生まれ変わる!

Extra information: Source; relevant as ReDrop is producing a Prison School spinoff and needs an article :D

Signature:  Speedit   talk contribs  22:04, July 19, 2016 (UTC) - official roumaji appears to be Chuuko Demo Koi ga Shitai! /- official naming for characters

It would be nice to know who's who as I can't see many names in the volume summary compared to the video. Thanks in advance. (Edited, seems like I missed out a sentence.)

 Speedit   talk contribs  23:32, July 19, 2016‎

  • 新宮清一 (Aramiya Seiichi) - Seiichi Aramiya (Official)
  • 綾女古都子 (Ayame Kotoko) - Kotoko Ayame (Official)
  • 初芝優佳 (Hatsusiba Yūka) - Yuuka Hatsushiba (Official)
  • 新宮聖美 (Aramiya Kiyomi) - Kiyomi Aramiya
  • 小谷桐子 (Kotani Kiriko) - Kiriko Kotani
  • 諏訪間天女 (Suwama Ibu) - Ibu Suwama
  • 八百谷合梨 (Yaotani Airi) - Airi Yaotani
  • 才谷龍馬 (Saitani Ryōma) - Ryouma Saitani
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