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Wiki: w:c:spectrobes

Items: File:Spectrobes Wiki Correction Text Image.jpg, just the one line of text at the top.

Extra information: OCR translation gives "閑西との結ぴつさ一例:ししおどし" of which the part after the colon, shishi-odoshi (鹿威し) is actually the main image, the bamboo garden ornament. What does the rest of the text mean?

Signature: Brandon Pow (talk) 05:06, March 21, 2014 (UTC)

It should be 「関西との結びつき一例:ししおどし」 -- Shishi-odoshi: one example of the connections with Kansai.
Checkmark DoneYATTA ヽ( ° ヮ° )ノ @fandom ☆ | 2014年04月11日、10:55:15
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