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The text on this page is considered outdated. Please update this page accordingly with the English version, or with another version that is up to date. Remove this section when you're done. Thanks!
To make a translation request
  • Before posting
  • Check at Category:Brigadiers to see if we have members available for the language you need
  • Ini adalah laman untuk meminta kerja-kerja penterjemahan daripada serta kepada mana-mana bahasa yang disokong pada masa ini. Sebelum anda menaip pintaan anda, sila baca peraturan-peraturan kami di laman projek Polisi Permintaan dan isikan semua ruang yang disediakan.
  • When posting
  • You can make a request by clicking the button below
  • With exception of "Maklumat tambahan", you have to fill out all provided fields
  • Use the two language dropdowns ("Choose language") to indicate which language your request is for:
    • The first one is the source language (the language translated from)
    • The second one is the goal language (the language translated to)
  • If your goal language has different variants (e.g. British and American English), mention in "Maklumat tambahan" which variant you prefer
To translate
  • Start translation
  • When you start working on it, do the following:
    1. Click "Sunting" and go to source mode
    2. Add {{WIP}} at the bottom and sign (~~~~)
    3. Change {{Translate header}} (top of the page) to {{Translate header/on hold}}
    4. Publish.
  • When you stop translating before all is finished, do the following:
    1. Click "Sunting" and go to source mode
    2. Shortly write what parts you have translated for the next translator
    3. Put the header back to {{Translate header}}
    4. Publish.
  • Finish translation
  • When you finish the translation, do the following:
    1. Click "Sunting" and go to source mode
    2. Add {{Done}} at the bottom and sign (~~~~)
    3. Change {{Translate header/on hold}} (top of the page) to {{Translate header/completed}}
    4. Publish.
  • You can additionally post a message on the message wall of the requester, so that he/she sees that it has been finished.
  • No requests?

No requests for your language on this page? No worry: there are enough of related project you can help with!

  • You can also find a category Translation from English on Wikianswers, with words or expressions that need to be translated. Any of these questions will only take about a minute to be answered.
  • You can translate Wikia's MediaWiki extensions to your language as well on TranslateWiki
  • Some of the English help pages may not have equivalents in your language yet, or may need to be updated to match with Wikia's current version.

Tajuk permintaanAuthorSuntingan terakhirPenyunting terakhir
Finnish Naruto WikiYatalu14:04, 2 Julai 2014Elseweyr
Clasificación de Amnesicos (RU → ES)Chumagen07:51, 22 Oktober 2014Yatalu
Swedish Call of Duty Wiki (EN → SV)Egon Eagle14:14, 2 Julai 2014Elseweyr
Caption (EN → AR)MtaÄ08:11, 28 April 2016Marceline Saga
Create new wiki process (EN → FA)MtaÄ07:04, 8 September 2014Yatalu
Create a new wikia (EN → CS)MtaÄ16:00, 12 Julai 2014MtaÄ
Create a new wikia (EN → AR)MtaÄ13:35, 12 Julai 2014MtaÄ
Help:Links (EN → RU)Hedgeg15:32, 14 Julai 2014Hedgeg
Norwegian TESWiki (EN → NO)Yatalu14:57, 28 Julai 2014Yatalu
EN - IS (EN → IS)Ballono23:44, 3 Ogos 2014Ballono
Call of Duty Wiki (EN → SV)Egon Eagle00:24, 9 Oktober 2014Yatalu
Translation for paragraph of text. (ZH → EN)Besty1712:59, 4 Disember 2016TsukiYaksha
LastEdited (EN → XX)Fubuki風吹07:38, 3 Ogos 2016Mix Gerder
Text concerning a Chinese charm, coin, or token (ZH → EN)Dser22:41, 9 Mei 2015Dser
Nails (EN → AR), 29 Julai 2019Laclale
Traduction article One Piece (ZH → FR)CrocoboyMr010:25, 25 Jun 2015CrocoboyMr0
PLL wiki (EN → FR)Harryhogwarts15:48, 21 Julai 2015Simon Peter Hughes
Finnish TES Wiki (EN → FI)Yatalu17:32, 3 Ogos 2015Yatalu
An article from an 1886 journal (FR → EN)Dser05:14, 17 November 2015SethFu
Code Geass Wiki (EN → VI)Yatalu14:39, 10 September 2015Yatalu
Traducir unos wiki (EN → ES)Ghost snake 220:58, 12 September 2015Plover-Y
Interlanguage links edit summary (XX → XX)Yatalu17:43, 17 Oktober 2016Mr Creeper500
No rush (EN → ES)Blutbau Fuchsbad16:37, 14 September 2015Blutbau Fuchsbad
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Template:Languages on Danish TrainStation Wiki (EN → DA)TheRealPella12:31, 21 November 2015Yatalu
Mongla Port School (EN → XX)Abdullah Al Noman07:41, 12 Disember 2015Abdullah Al Noman
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Some song lyrics (EN → ES)Yatalu15:39, 7 Januari 2016Yatalu
User bot owner (EN → XX)Plover-Y15:00, 10 Januari 2018Leviathan 89
Chat Skins Wikia Installing Chat Skins Explanation (EN → XX)2Actimv07:09, 3 Ogos 2016Mix Gerder
Template:Brigadier dark/ja (EN → XX)Plover-Y09:03, 5 November 2016High Goddess Venus-Afrodite-Finelia
EN - RU (EN → RU)Kenjinakano09:42, 3 Februari 2016Yatalu
Shopkins (EN → RU)Kenjinakano19:25, 7 Februari 2016Basshu Tsuvinkuri
Volume 20 Summary Translation (JA → EN)MACH-5933002:27, 11 Februari 2016Plover-Y
EN → RU (EN → RU)Basshu Tsuvinkuri19:20, 7 Februari 2016Basshu Tsuvinkuri
Translation of a Catchphrase (EN → XX)Cyanide321:23, 27 April 2016Goudvacht
Admin of (Userbox template) (EN → XX)Plover-Y15:02, 6 Julai 2016Mix Gerder
Editor of (Userbox Template) (EN → XX)Plover-Y07:12, 3 Ogos 2016Mix Gerder
Rappy's script (EN → XX)Yatalu10:42, 2 Julai 2017Josep Maria Roca Peña
The Chronicles of Cisco (EN → PL)Szynka01322:35, 5 Mac 2016Szynka013
Translation profile (RU → XX)Marcus Tiberius16:58, 28 Julai 2016Dser
Privatter's Hold (EN → ES)The Crusader of Truth22:09, 14 April 2016Yatalu
Can't Translate This Phrase. (JA → EN)MACH-5933014:55, 15 Mei 2016MACH-59330
English to Spanish (EN → ES)IM STILL ALIVE23:06, 9 Mei 2016Andrew Cao
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Synopsis of the Golden Kamuy volumes (JA → EN)AdrianNB23:12, 2 Oktober 2016AdrianNB
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