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To make a translation request
  • Before posting
  • When posting
  • You can make a request by clicking the button at the bottom of the page
  • With exception of "Extra information", you have to fill out all provided fields
  • Use the two language dropdowns ("Choose language") to indicate which language your request is for:
    • The first one is the source language (the language translated from)
    • The second one is the goal language (the language translated to
  • If your goal language has different variants (e.g. British and American English), mention in "Extra information" which variant you prefer
To translate
  • Start translation
  • When you start working on it, do the following:
    1. Click "Edit" and go to source mode
    2. Add {{WIP}} at the bottom and sign (~~~~)
    3. Change {{Translate header}} (top of the page) to {{Translate header/on hold}}
    4. Publish.
  • When you stop translating before all is finished, do the following:
    1. Click "Edit" and go to source mode
    2. Shortly write what parts you have translated for the next translator
    3. Put the header back to {{Translate header}}
    4. Publish.
  • Finish translation
  • When you finish the translation, do the following:
    1. Click "Edit" and go to source mode
    2. Add {{Done}} at the bottom and sign (~~~~)
    3. Change {{Translate header/on hold}} (top of the page) to {{Translate header/completed}}
    4. Publish.
  • You can additionally post a message on the message wall of the requester with {{Request done}}, so that he/she sees that it has been finished.
  • No requests?

No requests for your language on this page? No worry: there are enough of related project you can help with!

  • Some of the English help pages may not have equivalents in your language yet, or may need to be updated to match with Wikia's current version.
  • You can also find Javascript and CSS codes that need to be translated on Fandom Developers Wiki.
Request titleAuthorLast editLast editor
Finnish Naruto WikiYatalu14:04, July 2, 2014Elseweyr
Clasificación de Amnesicos (RU → ES)Chumagen07:51, October 22, 2014Yatalu
Swedish Call of Duty Wiki (EN → SV)Egon Eagle14:14, July 2, 2014Elseweyr
Caption (EN → AR)MtaÄ08:11, April 28, 2016Marceline Saga
Create new wiki process (EN → FA)MtaÄ07:04, September 8, 2014Yatalu
Create a new wikia (EN → CS)MtaÄ16:00, July 12, 2014MtaÄ
Create a new wikia (EN → AR)MtaÄ13:35, July 12, 2014MtaÄ
Help:Links (EN → RU)Hedgeg-fduser15:32, July 14, 2014Hedgeg-fduser
Norwegian TESWiki (EN → NO)Yatalu14:57, July 28, 2014Yatalu
EN - IS (EN → IS)Ballono23:44, August 3, 2014Ballono
Call of Duty Wiki (EN → SV)Egon Eagle00:24, October 9, 2014Yatalu
Translation for paragraph of text. (ZH → EN)Besty1712:59, December 4, 2016TsukiYaksha
LastEdited (EN → XX)Fubuki風吹07:38, August 3, 2016Mix Gerder
Text concerning a Chinese charm, coin, or token (ZH → EN)Dser22:41, May 9, 2015Dser
Nails (EN → AR), July 29, 2019Laclale
Traduction article One Piece (ZH → FR)CrocoboyMr010:25, June 25, 2015CrocoboyMr0
PLL wiki (EN → FR)Harryhogwarts15:48, July 21, 2015Simon Peter Hughes
Finnish TES Wiki (EN → FI)Yatalu17:32, August 3, 2015Yatalu
An article from an 1886 journal (FR → EN)Dser05:14, November 17, 2015SethFu
Code Geass Wiki (EN → VI)Yatalu14:39, September 10, 2015Yatalu
Traducir unos wiki (EN → ES)Ghost snake 220:58, September 12, 2015Plover-Y
Interlanguage links edit summary (XX → XX)Yatalu17:43, October 17, 2016Mr Creeper500
No rush (EN → ES)Blutbau Fuchsbad16:37, September 14, 2015Blutbau Fuchsbad
Übersetzung bitte? (FR → DE)Hailerer13:13, June 30, 2016Yatalu
Template:Languages on Danish TrainStation Wiki (EN → DA)TheRealPella12:31, November 21, 2015Yatalu
Mongla Port School (EN → XX)Abdullah Al Noman07:41, December 12, 2015Abdullah Al Noman
English CMCI-Polish CMCI (EN → PL)AngrydroidForce9910:32, December 28, 2015Baakamono
WLB's Custom 404 message (EN → XX)Mainframe9810:33, June 30, 2016Josep Maria Roca Peña
Comic translation (JA → EN)Animaltamer713:33, June 30, 2016Yatalu
Userbox Template Documentation (EN → JA)Plover-Y22:33, January 4, 2016Plover-Y
Some song lyrics (EN → ES)Yatalu15:39, January 7, 2016Yatalu
User bot owner (EN → XX)Plover-Y15:00, January 10, 2018Leviathan 89
Chat Skins Wikia Installing Chat Skins Explanation (EN → XX)2Actimv07:09, August 3, 2016Mix Gerder
Template:Brigadier dark/ja (EN → XX)Plover-Y09:03, November 5, 2016High Goddess Venus-Afrodite-Finelia
EN - RU (EN → RU)Kenjinakano09:42, February 3, 2016Yatalu
Shopkins (EN → RU)Kenjinakano19:25, February 7, 2016Basshu Tsuvinkuri
Volume 20 Summary Translation (JA → EN)MACH-5933002:27, February 11, 2016Plover-Y
EN → RU (EN → RU)Basshu Tsuvinkuri19:20, February 7, 2016Basshu Tsuvinkuri
Translation of a Catchphrase (EN → XX)Cyanide321:23, April 27, 2016Goudvacht
Admin of (Userbox template) (EN → XX)Plover-Y15:02, July 6, 2016Mix Gerder
Editor of (Userbox Template) (EN → XX)Plover-Y07:12, August 3, 2016Mix Gerder
Rappy's script (EN → XX)Yatalu10:42, July 2, 2017Josep Maria Roca Peña
The Chronicles of Cisco (EN → PL)Szynka01322:35, March 5, 2016Szynka013
Translation profile (RU → XX)Marcus Tiberius16:58, July 28, 2016Dser
Privatter's Hold (EN → ES)The Crusader of Truth22:09, April 14, 2016Yatalu
Can't Translate This Phrase. (JA → EN)MACH-5933014:55, May 15, 2016MACH-59330
English to Spanish (EN → ES)IM STILL ALIVE23:06, May 9, 2016Andrew Cao
Back To Top script (EN → XX)Rappy09:09, November 5, 2016High Goddess Venus-Afrodite-Finelia
ReplyAndClose (EN → XX).jun09:24, November 5, 2016High Goddess Venus-Afrodite-Finelia
RecentChangesMultiple (EN → XX)Fewfre07:43, July 4, 2016Mainframe98
AjaxRC code (EN → XX)Rappy20:35, August 21, 2018CavaX
Twitter translation (JA → EN)Animaltamer713:56, June 8, 2016Plover-Y
Page Titles (EN → FR)Рanamaniac19:00, June 12, 2016Рanamaniac
Game Information (JA → EN)Marceline Saga11:19, June 14, 2016Marceline Saga
Ashen Flame or Ash Flame? Or something completely different.. (JA → EN)GouenjiShuuya'12320:59, June 16, 2016Dser
An interview from the Zankyou no Terror website (JA → EN).jun11:01, June 19, 2016.jun
Cancelled Famicom Game Info (JA → EN)RetroGameFan900023:16, June 24, 2016RetroGameFan9000
Memory Dive (JA → EN)Animaltamer716:44, June 29, 2016Yatalu
Setsuna (JA → EN)Yatalu11:19, July 13, 2016Yatalu
Kanjis of powers request (JA → EN)Animaltamer715:54, July 19, 2016Plover-Y
Spinoff Author's Previous Manga (JA → EN)MACH-5933021:55, July 23, 2016Plover-Y
Fire Brigade of Flames Chapter 41 Title (JA → EN)GouenjiShuuya'12311:44, November 26, 2016Plover-Y
Sebolaaa's Profile (EN → IT, FI, JA, NL, VI, ZH)Sebolaaa00:53, February 6, 2017Disnickfanatic
Twitter request 2 (JA → EN)Animaltamer710:59, November 27, 2016Plover-Y
Drachenwiki Tiamat + Lóng (DE → EN)EbrithilBowser08:22, October 10, 2017EbrithilBowser
Zahtev za wiki o wiki projektima. (RU → SR)Motodoc12:37, August 30, 2016Motodoc
Translation for literature wiki (EN → SV)FrenchTouch15:20, September 12, 2016FrenchTouch
Multilingual Users (EN → XX)Americhino12:33, September 21, 2016Josep Maria Roca Peña
Claymore Databooks (JA → EN)Arch Arch3r19:48, June 1, 2018Arch Arch3r
Synopsis of the Golden Kamuy volumes (JA → EN)AdrianNB23:12, October 2, 2016AdrianNB
AbuseLogRC Script i18n (EN → XX)Leviathan 8907:41, September 2, 2018CavaX
PreloadTemplates Script i18n (EN → XX)Leviathan 8910:02, November 5, 2016High Goddess Venus-Afrodite-Finelia
To request adding interlanguage links (EN → XX)Plover-Y10:12, November 5, 2016High Goddess Venus-Afrodite-Finelia
Brigadier Terminology (EN → XX)Mainframe9810:18, November 5, 2016High Goddess Venus-Afrodite-Finelia
OP databook infos - Karok and W7 journal (JA → EN)Leviathan 8913:01, October 25, 2016Plover-Y
Finelia's Profile 2 (EN → XX)Plover-Y06:50, July 20, 2017TsukiYaksha
Kanon Character Story (JA → EN)Okaminarutofan99903:05, January 24, 2017TsukiYaksha
Spanish songs into English (ES → EN)InspiredAndNatural04:04, November 18, 2016InspiredAndNatural
General policy. (EN → JA)Skyflurry12:46, November 23, 2016Skyflurry
Craft Essences Lore (JA → EN)Jademing03:28, November 25, 2016Jademing
Translate sentence (EN → XX)Laundry Machine15:35, February 24, 2017TsukiYaksha
Belarusian portal (EN → XX)Mix Gerder12:05, January 13, 2017Mix Gerder
QuickCreate (XX → XX)Quentum15:02, January 13, 2017Jaewade
CategoryRenameAuto-update (XX → XX)Quentum16:19, November 30, 2018Mix Gerder
RedirectManagement (XX → XX)Quentum13:01, February 16, 2017Mix Gerder
ContribsLink (XX → XX)Quentum12:52, March 4, 2017Plover-Y
UTCClock (XX → XX)Quentum13:28, July 6, 2017Pretty Lightningreed (PL)
FindAndReplace (XX → XX)Quentum01:44, July 21, 2017TsukiYaksha
WallGreetingButton (XX → XX)Quentum08:13, February 19, 2017Laundry Machine
SearchSuggest (XX → XX)Quentum12:45, March 4, 2017Plover-Y
MassBlock (XX → XX)Quentum20:27, August 21, 2018CavaX
MassCategorization (XX → XX)Quentum03:57, June 28, 2018TsukiYaksha
SpoilerAlert (XX → XX)Quentum09:50, September 10, 2017Sayla Ryougetsuten
Mishiranu Kuni no Trippa (JA → EN)Sayla Ryougetsuten12:12, July 11, 2017Plover-Y
EN to JA (EN → JA)Team69Roll22:35, July 13, 2017Team69Roll
Translate my user page on Community Central (EN → XX)Simon Peter Hughes07:12, August 10, 2018Simon Peter Hughes
I18nEdit (XX → XX)Quentum07:45, August 29, 2017Mix Gerder
Basilisk Drachenwiki (DE → EN)EbrithilBowser07:29, August 31, 2017EbrithilBowser
RailWAM v2 (EN → XX)Blaster Niceshot12:40, October 27, 2017Laundry Machine
Traducir algunas palabras al español (Or the English in default) (JA → ES)Dariel Senju18:02, November 21, 2017Dariel Senju
Elbaf (JA → EN)Leviathan 8911:49, December 28, 2017Plover-Y
Monsters School/バケルノ小学校 ヒュードロ組 (JA → EN)DannielaServer21:44, February 28, 2020DannielaServer
Translation of kanji with furigana (JA → EN)ObscureFlame00:03, November 25, 2017Plover-Y
Translate the following phrase into English (JA → EN)Dariel Senju22:18, November 25, 2017Dariel Senju
Drache (DE → RO)EbrithilBowser13:09, November 27, 2017EbrithilBowser
PPV tagline (JA → EN)Team69Roll12:01, December 13, 2017Plover-Y
Cǎihóng mófǎ (ZH → EN)Vengir12:01, February 18, 2018Vengir
World Neverland (EN → JA)Wildheart97023:57, February 21, 2018Wildheart970
Translation of Kanji (not furigana) (JA → EN)GouenjiShuuya'12307:46, April 21, 2018GouenjiShuuya'123
Dev Wiki Main Page (EN → XX)Mix Gerder17:46, September 16, 2018Mainframe98
Jane the Virgin Wikia (EN → ES)Powerrangerpop02:35, May 1, 2018Powerrangerpop
Jane the Virgin Wikia (EN → TL)Powerrangerpop02:25, May 1, 2018Powerrangerpop
Jane the Virgin Wikia (EN → DE)Powerrangerpop19:16, November 4, 2018SpacePucky
Traducción de artículos en inglés a español (EN → ES)Miss Daisy 2403:53, July 17, 2018Miss Daisy 24
Installation instructions on Dev Wiki (EN→XX)KockaAdmiralac08:24, July 21, 2018Anonymous 5bf7c9882188d
Custom-I18nEdit-notice (EN→XX)Quentum11:01, July 22, 2018Quentum
IsTyping (XX→XX)Quentum23:42, August 20, 2018Josep Maria Roca Peña
Craig of the Creek Wiki Page (ES → EN)Gilben16:43, September 9, 2018Gilben
Craig of the Creek Wiki Translation (ES → EN)Gilben23:36, September 19, 2018Gilben
Turkish Clarence Wiki (EN → TR)Gilben05:07, October 28, 2018Gilben
Azhdaha (DE → EN)EbrithilBowser14:05, April 2, 2019EbrithilBowser
Help:Profiles/Discord (XX → XX)Noreplyz11:40, July 2, 2019Noreplyz
Korean Text Translation (KO → EN)Besty1713:09, July 8, 2019Besty17
Can you translate my wiki, please? (EN → VI)RebeccaRabbitLover0106:47, August 2, 2019RebeccaRabbitLover01
Peppa Pig Wiki (EN → VI)RebeccaRabbitLover0106:02, July 25, 2019RebeccaRabbitLover01
Shining Star (Maro Studio) (KO → EN)Labrain1323:17, August 1, 2019Labrain13
Anyone knows Aviutl? (JA → EN)Laclale14:40, July 29, 2019Laclale
Balala the Fairies theme song (ZH → EN)Labrain1321:10, August 19, 2019Labrain13
I can't figure this out. (ZH → EN)Labrain1321:06, August 19, 2019Labrain13
Clarence (ES) to (AR) (ES → AR)Blueant25100:11, October 29, 2019Blueant251
Eng to Thai (EN → XX)HoiLai15:01, December 16, 2019HoiLai
Parts of a text (JA → EN)Team69Roll16:11, February 3, 2020Team69Roll
Translation of 3 Images (Advertisements) (JA → EN)Hollowness01:21, March 11, 2020Hollowness
Akashic Records Images (JA → EN)Max73473421:56, March 24, 2020Max734734

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