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Wiki: w:c:dev


			en: {
				'button-link-text': 'Create user page',
				'button-tooltip': 'Create your user page on this wiki automagically',
				'buttontalk-link-text': 'Create user talk page',
				'buttontalk-tooltip': 'Create your user talk page on this wiki automagically',
				'cup-reason': 'Creating user page',
				'cup-success-text': 'Successfully created page!',
				'cup-error-exists': 'Page already exists!',
				'cup-error-failed': 'Creating page failed!'
// English
			en: {
				'button-link-text': 'Create message wall greeting',
				'button-tooltip': 'Automatically create your message wall greeting',
				'buttontalk-link-text': 'Create message wall greeting',
				'buttontalk-tooltip': 'Create your message wall greeting on this wiki automagically',
				'cup-reason': 'Creating message wall greeting',
				'cup-success-text': 'Successfully created greeting!',
				'cup-error-exists': 'Greeting already exists!',
				'cup-error-failed': 'Creating greeting failed!'

Extra information: Please translate the code to as many languages as posible.

~[Quəntumiið the Wise]→answer/write 20:52, January 5, 2017 (UTC)

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