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女子の制服を着て女装することで、学園からの脱獄に見事成功したキヨシ。しかし、その制服がよりにもよって千代ちゃんのものだと発覚。千代ちゃんは「キモチワルイ」と言い残して去ってしまい、デートは散々な結末を迎える。一方学園では、キヨシが隠れていることになっているトイレの個室に副会長が容赦なく迫り、ドアを蹴破って‥‥!? 話題騒然の牢獄学園コメディ、グリグリ展開の第4巻!!

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Kiyoshi has succeeded in escaping from prison school by disguising himself as a girl wearing a girl's school uniform. However, it comes to light that of all things, the uniform is Chiyo's one. Chiyo says "that's gross" and leaves, so the date comes to a terrible end. Meanwhile, at school, the vice-chairwoman approaches the toilet stall in which Kiyoshi is hiding, and kicks the door open...!? It's the 4th volume of the comedy comic whose stage is prison school, which everyone is talking about; enjoy its rattling development!!

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