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Translation[edit | edit source]

The trial version of Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom

It's been so hot these days, that I feel like melting. I released the trial version of Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom (東方紺珠伝 lit. "Eastern Legend of Ultramarine Orb"), the fifteenth game for the Touhou Series.

(Download the trial version of Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom)

I will release the full version during this summer's comic market (C88). Would you please check if it works on your computer system?

It is the new version with bug fixes from the Reitaisai(*) version, and it has some system changes, too.

  • The chapter bonus on Legacy mode (レガシーモード) is changed to a 1UP (1UPのかけら).
  • There is a limited amount of miss penalties allowed on flawless mode (完全無欠モード).
  • The Game Over BGM is the same as the Title Screen's one because I removed it to save space, so that isn't a bug. On the release version (full version), you will listen to the real Game Over BGM.

I'll adjust in earnest after this. I hope you will understand that it will probably be differing in the release version.

Well, I'll add the finishing touch.

by shanghai_alice (July 31st, 2015)

(*) Reitaisai = Hakurei JinJa Reitaisai (Annual festival held at Hakurei-jinja Shrine) on May 10th, 2015

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