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Wiki: w:c:nananinnomajo


Extra information: I need the kanji and romaji for Telepathy, Premonition and to see if the last one says steal or plunder, early thanks.

Signature: Animaltamer712:04, July 18, 2016 (UTC)

  • 入れ替わりの能力/Irekawari no nōryoku (Urara's power)
  • 虜の能力 Toriko no nōryoku(Odagiri's power)
  • 思念の能力 Shinen no nōryoku (Ōtsuka's power/Telepathy)
  • 未来予知の能力 Mirai yochi no nōryoku (Premonition)
  • 奪う能力 Ubau nōryoku (Shin'ichi Tamaki's power)
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