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Items: Hello there, I need some help translating these two images:

I'd really appreciate the help!

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  • Zmario-san helped me about translating 「痛みを胸にしまい込む」. Thanks ^-^
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Anohana novels Volume 1 summary (2nd image)[]

Original text
At the end of summer, a girl appeared
We always got along so well……. They became high school students now, and the distance from when they had been chlidhood friends had grown apart unnoticedly. However, one girl had not changed since then and to make the dream of this "Menma" come true[1], they come together once more. The widely received anime from Fuji Television's "noitaminA" has been novelized by scriptwriter Mari Okada[2] herself. The long-awaited Volume 1 containing episodes original to the novel.

Anohana novels Volume 2 summary (1st image)[]

Original text
Will Menma's wish be granted?[3]
To make the dream of Menma, the girl who suddenly returned, come true,[1] her old childfood friends who are now high school students gather once more. But every single one of them has grief locked away in their chest...... So will Menma's wishes be granted?[3] "A novel edition of the widely received anime[4] from the [anime's] scriptwriter herself would be nice" completed. This novel also contains lots of original episodes. The cover illustration has been illustrated especially by Masayoshi Tanaka[5] from character design!


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