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Items: A picture from the Japanese Spectrobes official webpage.

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Some names written in katakana are as follows:

  • クロール - Krawl
  • クラックス - Krux
  • ラーレン - Rallen

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First sectionEdit

Atrocious invasive life form

Atrocious invasive life form that suddenly appeared in a harmonious universe.
It destroys everything and ruins the entire galaxy.
Mankind's weapons are also entirely useless for (to? -- not sure) them.

Second sectionEdit

Emperor (こうてい could be many things, but "emperor" seems most logical) of evil

Creature with a force that must be feared and that controls all of the Krawls.
What's below the disguise is engulfed in mystery.
Arch enemy of the Rallen.

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