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Extra information: I'd like to know what are the lyrics for this song in Japanese, Romaji, and English. So I can fill in the lyric details.

The translator will be credited on the wiki article.

PS: You don't need to translate the staff text. All I need is the lyrics. But if you choose to anyways, feel free. We might as well add the cast on the show article.

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Sorry for the late reply.


いつかいつか (Itsuka itsuka/One day, Someday)



何度も失敗して かっこわるくたって
諦めないことが きっと本当の勇気

いつカいつカ 素敵に夢を叶えましょう
ひかるひかる 未来を心に描いて
いつもいつも きらめく気持ちを信じましょう
みんなみんな 笑顔をいっぱいあつめて



Yume no kakera ga kagayaku ashita e
Miageta toki ha hoshi ni natte
Utsusuita toki ha hana ni natte

Souyatte yume ha itsu datte
Fushigi na Pawaa wo kurerundesu
Nando mo shippai shite kakkowaruku tatte
Akiramenai kotoga kitto hontou no yuuki

Itsuka itsuka suteki na yume wo kanaemashou
Hikaru hikaru mirai wo kokoro ni egaite
Itsumo itsumo kirameku kimochi wo shinjimashou
Minna minna egao wo ippai atsumete

Yume no kakera ga kagayaku ashita e

English translationEdit

The fragments of dream will shine tomorrow
Look at the moment when I become a star
Duplicate the moment when I become a flower

The dream always doing so
Giving mysterious power to me
How many times I've messed up? it's uncool
Not giving up will surely be a real courage

One day, someday, let's grant the lovely dream
Describing the shining, bright of the future of the heart
Every time, always sparkling, believe in this feeling
Everyone, everybody, collect all of these smiles

The fragments of dream will shine tomorrow

Hope this helps~ Hikari 93 (talk) 17:18, July 4, 2014 (UTC)

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