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Items: Huge project, translating all the major information from each page to Dutch

Extra information: Since we're are starting a project to have a Halo Nation in most languages, a lot of stuff needs translating. I am a native Dutch speaker, so I can start this project; but in order to really make a difference, I would like the help of anyone who can help. Please focus only on the pages listed on that page, that is big enough already. While translating, please use redlinks whenever a linked page doesn't exist. Please contact me if you decide to help me so I can organise it all.
Wilc0 (talk) 03:09, December 23, 2013 (UTC)

Checkmark.png Done - marking this as done as agreed with requester. Requested translation exceeds the 3 items limit, but instead a larger amount of small translations will be done.
YATTA ヽ( ° ヮ° )ノ ☆ | 2014年01月06日、02:43:16