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Extra information: Just wanted to see what they're saying in this mini-strip.

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Translation[edit | edit source]

p1[edit | edit source]

(Tweet text) Yamada and the 7 Witches volume 18
Manga to announce the radio drama (part 1)

(Image text)

Urara Shiraishi: Next, we introduce a new original, "Drama CD".
Ryu Yamada: This CD comes with the limited edition of comic[1] vol.18 which will be on sale on June 17th(, 2015).

Miyabi Ito: Its lineup is these 3 stories! There is all sorts of contents!
Kentaro Tsubaki: All of them are newly-written original stories!
The full voice cast perfomed in it!
(1) The Oak Tree Witch (樫の木の魔女, Kashi no Ki no Majo)
(2) Supernatural Studies Club vs Manga Club (超研部VS. 漫研部、ぞな, Chōkenbu vs. Mankenbu, zona)
(3) Student Council Radio of (/hosted by) Haruma Yamazaki 〜Come here, stray cats〜 (山崎春馬の生徒会RADIO 〜迷える子猫ちゃんよ、来たれ〜, Yamazaki Haruma no Seitokai Radio[2] 〜 Mayoeru Koneko-chan yo, Kitare 〜)

Toranosuke Miyamura: First up, it's the mystery-style "The Oak Tree Witch".
It's a story of when we where called by Yamazaki to stay over in Asuka-sempai's holiday cottage.
On the way there, we heard a legend about "the Oak tree witch"…
After that, tragic events relating to "the Oak tree witch" started happening one after another.
(?: Yamada ― !!)
Ryu: What kind of tragic events!?
Toranosuke: Meanwhile, the person who tried to find out the criminal is ……

p2[edit | edit source]

(Tweet text) Yamada and the 7 Witches volume 18 Manga to announce the radio drama (part 2)

(Image text)

Toranosuke: it was a genius high school student boasting an IQ of 180!!
(Hajime Kindaichi: Upon my granpa’s honor(, I will solve the case). )
Ryu: Liar!! Kindaichi-kun won't appear!!

Toranosuke: The people who oppose him are a good-looking (/cool) high school student, Toranosuke Miyamura, and
a beautiful high student girl, Urara Shiraishi ― !!
Ryu: To cut a long story short, aren't they ordinary high school students……

Toranosuke: As a result, what will the outcome of the match be‼︎?
Urara: Wait until you actually listen to it!
Ryu: What has become of "the Oak tree witch" !?

Miyabi: Just look here!(*2) The confrontation of a very hot survival game, "Supernatural Studies Club vs Manga Club" is a story everyone must listen to!
Kentaro: We, supernatural studies club fights against manga club which is very good at close teamwork because of using telepathy.
Ryu: Do they really look terrible like this? It doesn't seem like I'll be winning.

p3[edit | edit source]

Toranosuke: The third story is " "Student Council Radio of (/hosted by) Haruma Yamazaki" 〜Come here, stray cats〜"
Urara or Miyabi: Oh, that program broadcasted on every lunch breaks.
Toranosuke: The broadcast is especially recorded this time!
(Haruma Yamazaki: Student Council Radio of (/hosted by) Haruma Yamazaki ―!)

Toranosuke: Beside this, the character song[3] sung by Shiraishi and her friends is recorded! I have already reproduced it over and over many times.
Anyway, please buy it if you would like to listen to!

Urara Shiraishi (CV: Saori Hayami)
Miyabi Ito (CV: Māya Uchida)
Nene Odagiri (CV: Eri Kitamura)

  • (*2) listen to? ちょっとちょっと、の適切な訳が分かりません。

Checkmark.png Done Would you please correct/re-translate my bad sentences? Thanks, --Plover-Y (talk) 2016-01-23 09:12 (UTC)

References[edit | edit source]

  1. They use the characters 単行本 (tankōbon); read more at wikipedia:Tankōbon.
  2. or Reidio (from p.3 "山崎春馬の生徒会レイディオ")
  3. "ding!ging!dong!" sung by Urara Shiraishi (Saori Hayami), Miyabi Ito (Māya Uchida), Nene Odagiri (Eri Kitamura)
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