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Items: 中学1年の男の子三枝祐樹は、ある朝、母から変身アイテムと 「女の子の秘密を守る」使命を託される。目の前で襲われる女の子を救うために変身した祐樹はなんとオ・ン・ナ・・・「聖少女戦士」になってしまった。変身 を解いても、カラダは女の子のまま!まじかよぉ~。女子中学生「三枝ユウキ」として名門中学「御崎女子」に入学する事になった祐樹。秘密の花園女子校には 中学生男子にとってはイケナイ刺激がいっぱい!やばい、興奮しすぎると男の子に戻っちゃうよ。

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I'm sorry but I am poor speaker of English. So, I would like you to translate or touch up.

One morning, the mother of Yūki Saegusa,[1] a first year middle school[2] boy, entrusts her son with a transformation item and the mission "to keep a girl's secret". Yūki, who transforms himself to help a girl who is attacked before his eyes, ends up becoming... a woman, "Saint Girl Guardian". Even after he reverts the transformation, his body remains a girl's! This can't be...! Yūki enters the top prestige Misaki Girls' Middle School as "Yūki Saegusa"[3]. In the secret girls' school flower garden, there are a lot of stimuli for a middle school boy! Oh no, if he gets excited too much, he is turned back into a boy.

※Yuki(Yuuki) is a gender-neutral name in Japan. But "祐樹(Yuki)" is a kanji (Chinese character) to use for the name of the man.

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Notes Edit

  1. Yūki Saegusa, Japanese 三枝 祐樹 (さえぐさ ゆうき, Saegusa Yuuki).
  2. Middle school or junior high school is from around ages 12~14. First year middle school is 7th grade.
  3. First name is written ユウキ here, so it becomes a feminine name.
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