• Unlike File:Wikia Language Brigade 1 Year Anniversary from last year, I didn't have the time to make a video this time. However, I'm very proud to announce that since this Sunday (two days ago), the Wikia Language Brigade is two years old. This wiki also turned two years today.

    I'm really glad that even though it's been hard at some points, I'm still here with all of you. :) you guys are a great team and the lot of you are great people to hang out with in chat or on skype, or to exchange message with on our walls. I hope we will all still have a long and prosperous career both in this project and on Wikia. Thanks!

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    • A t'inquiète c'est un plaisir d'être sur ce Wiki. 2 ans il est vieux ce Wiki en effet XD. Mais un super Wiki bien fait et tout, rien à redire continue comme ça !

      GG à tous.

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