• Hi, Speedit-san!

    I'm sorry, I've known you requested Translate:Prison School Volume Summary (JA → EN) but I have had nothing about it yet because I'm not good at English and I still working on the other translation.

    But if you think you can bear my poor Engrish, I'll try to translate it, because now I've only been waiting for other members' correction about that translation. And I worked other request (after you requested) because she asked me directly, so I thought I should ask you you think you'd like to translate even to Engrish or not. Of course, if I'll try to translate your request, you'll be able to ask other members to translate the same texts or to correct my poor translation.

    Best regards,

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    • Don't worry about it. We are all enjoying our holidays early anyway and both tasks look hard. Thanks for getting back, I haven't reached editing Volume 4 chapters in my wiki so we did not need it then. Good luck!

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    • Speeditさん: I have translated it, but sorry, to Engrish. I ask other Japanese language members to help, but I'm not sure when someone help about it.

      And, thank you for your considerate ^-^

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    • Checkmark DoneTranslate:Prison School Volume Summary (JA → EN)
      Hey! I'm just passing by to let you know that your request (the link above) is done. If you have questions or remarks, feel free to post a message still within the request page. Hope you like the result :)
      Now that you have seen the WLB in action, you could also leave a message on our guestbook to let us know if you liked it and/or what you think of this project. See you around!

      Thanks to Yatalu-san and WLB/日本語! members, we have finished your request!
      I'm sorry to have kept you waiting so long. And thank you very much for your message on Guestbook (^-^)/

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