Word of the Week: rules
  • Nomination
  • You must be portal member to nominate
  • You can nominate a maximum of 2 words
  • It is up to the discresion of portal moderators to (not) allow words
  • Nomination is possible for 1 week (this will be indicated)
  • Voting
  • 10 first approved nominations will be included
  • Anyone can vote
  • Voting is possible for 3 weeks (this will be indicated)
  • Translation
  • In the last two or three days of the vote, unless there is no clear leader in the vote, the other languages will be told the meaning of this word/these words so that they can prepare a translation

Below is the space for discussion. Discussions will be archived after nominations and votes have ended, so that this page says clean. Please sign your posts here, and indent appropriately!

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