U-Available {{{available}}} U-Neutral {{{queue}}} U-Busy {{{busy}}} U-Absent {{{inactive}}}
Babel-1 {{{babel-1}}} Babel-2 {{{babel-2}}} Babel-3 {{{babel-3}}} Babel-4 {{{babel-4}}} Babel-5 {{{babel-5}}} Babel-N {{{babel-N}}}
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Empty parameters
|status-name = 
|babel-name  = 
|available   = 
|queue       = 
|busy        = 
|inactive    = 
|babel-1     = 
|babel-2     = 
|babel-3     = 
|babel-4     = 
|babel-5     = 
|babel-N     = 
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Parameters in English
|status-name = status
|babel-name  = babel
|available   = available
|queue       = queue
|busy        = busy
|inactive    = inactive
|babel-1     = basic
|babel-2     = good
|babel-3     = advanced
|babel-4     = near-native
|babel-5     = professional
|babel-N     = native
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