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For portal pages.


To use this template, create a language-specific subpage, like the following:

The parameters can be found below. When you have translated it, transclude it on the portal of your language, followed by {{tocright}}.


Empty parameters
|xx = 
|XX = 
|portal-title   = 
|yourlang-pages = 

|yourlang-ver   = 
|general-title  = 
|general-text   = 

|content-title  = 
|about-text     = 
|start-text     = 
|faq-text       = 
|join-text      = 
|babel-text     = 
|templates-text = 
|guestbook-text = 
|bugs-text      = 
|mwmsg-text     = 
|wlbterms-text  = 
|newlang-text   = 
|add-text       = 
|twitter-text   = 
|projpage-text  = 
|central-text   = 

|policies-title = 
|policy-text    = 
|genpol-text    = 
|mempol-text    = 
|reqpol-text    = 
|revpol-text    = 
|chatpol-text   = 
|skypol-text    = 
|ircpol-text    = 
|copypol-text   = 
|privpol-text   = 

|team-title     = 
|p:admins-text  = 
|p:guards-text  = 
|p:mods-text    = 
|p:sb-text      = 
|p:brig-text    = 
|p:helpers-text = 

|projects-title = 
|p:update-text  = 
|p:log-text     = 
|p:stats-text   = 
|p:langs-text   = 
|p:cats-text    = 
|p:seealso-text = 
|p:skype-text   = 
|p:irc-text     = 
|p:gold-text    = 
|p:ill-text     = 

|request-title  = 
|request-text   = 
|t:r-text       = 
|c:r-text       = 
|s:r-text       = 

|leave-message  = 
|leavemsg-text  = 
|inputbox       = 

Filled parameters
|XX = EN
|xx = en<!-- does not apply for English -->
|portal-title   = English portal
|yourlang-pages = English pages on this wiki

|yourlang-ver   = Edit the English version
|general-title  = General pages
|general-text   = Generic pages on our wiki, that can be translated to any language.

|content-title  = Content
|about-text     = WLB: description and history of the Wikia Language Brigade
|start-text     = Start: page with links and info to get started
|faq-text       = FAQ: frequently asked questions
|join-text      = Join: how you can join the WLB
|babel-text     = Babel: find which level of language fluency you have
|templates-text = Templates: templates that you can put on your profile
|guestbook-text = Guestbook: tell us what you think of this project
|bugs-text      = Bugs: report bugs and technical problems on this site
|mwmsg-text     = MW messages: MediaWiki pages that should be translated
|wlbterms-text  = WLB terminology: terms used by our project
|newlang-text   = New language: what to do if your language is missing
|add-text       = Add: how you can add pages to this wiki
|twitter-text   = Twitter: messages for our twitter account
|projpage-text  = Project page: make a WLB project page on your wiki
|central-text   = Central communities: where you can get official help

|policies-title = Policies
|policy-text    = Policy: all policies or rulesets
|genpol-text    = General policy: general rules
|mempol-text    = Membership policy: rules about being member
|reqpol-text    = Request policy: rules for requesting translations and corrections
|revpol-text    = Review policy: rules for signing our guestbook
|chatpol-text   = Chat policy: rules that apply in Wikia's Live! chat
|skypol-text    = Skype policy: rules that apply in our skype groups
|ircpol-text    = IRC policy: rules that apply in our Freenode IRC channel
|copypol-text   = Copyright policy: copyright and licensing rules
|privpol-text   = Privacy policy: rules about privacy and personal information

|team-title     = User groups
|p:admins-text  = Administrators: list and introductions of the admins
|p:guards-text  = Portal Guardians: list and introductions of the portal guardians
|p:mods-text    = Chat moderators: list and introductions of the chat mods
|p:sb-text      = Standard-Bearer: introduction of the wiki's Standard-Bearer
|p:brig-text    = Brigadiers: all the members of the Wikia Language Brigade (WLB)
|p:helpers-text = Wikia Helpers: the global Helper group and the International Volunteering Team (IVT)

|projects-title = Projects
|p:update-text  = Update: selection of the most important changes on the wiki per month
|p:log-text     = Log: a logbook of user edits to keep track
|p:stats-text   = Statistics: daily views and edits of this wiki
|p:langs-text   = Languages: list of languages and their info
|p:cats-text    = Categories: list of category pages that need an update
|p:seealso-text = See also: explanations of projects related to this wiki's
|p:skype-text   = Skype: the team's different language skype groups
|p:irc-text     = IRC: accessing the WLB's IRC channel on Freenode
|p:gold-text    = WLB Gold: how can you earn WLB Gold
|p:ill-text     = Interlanguage links: standard summaries you can use when adding interlanguage links

|request-title  = Request pages
|request-text   = Pages where any user can make requests.
|t:r-text       = Translate:Requests: requesting translations
|c:r-text       = Correct:Requests: requesting corrections
|s:r-text       = Spotlight:Requests: international spotlights

|leave-message  = Leave a message!
|leavemsg-text  = Hello and welcome on the English portal! Below, you can place any communications for the other Brigadiers and users, such as dividing big translation/correction requests, what pages need to be translated on this wiki, etc... Don't forget to sign (~~~~)!
|inputbox               = 
buttonlabel=New message

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