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This template should is used to indicate someone is learning a language at school, university or another educational institution. For existing languages, please make a subpage with the code below. See Special:WhatLinksHere/Template:Learning in school to find out who else is using it.

This userbox uses the langSwitch template for internationalization, so the displayed language will be the one displayed in every user's settings.


The default syntax is the line below. You can copy-paste it in your profile like this:

{{Learning in school|<parameters>}}

The parameter 1 is obligatory and indicates the language that is learnt. If they're learning English, it should be:

{{Learning in school|English}}

Note however that the language learnt should preferably be added with {{langSwitch}}. Therefore, it will look a bit like this:

{{Learning in school|{{langSwitch
 |en = English
 |nl = Engels

If you don't understand {{langSwitch}}, please check its template page or ask another user to help you out!

Another parameter for this template is lang, which fixates the language the template displays in by using its language code.

{{Learning in school|<parameters>|lang=xx}}

If you want to display the template only in English, you would use the following code:

{{Learning in school|<parameters>|lang=en}}


To have the template float on the right, you can use two methods. Without box, you can use the following code:

{| style="float: right;" width=240px
|{{Learning in school}}

Otherwise, you can put them in a box by using {{Userboxtop}} and {{Userboxbottom}}. Check out the template pages of these templates to find further instructions on how to use them. }}

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