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Provides a method to present a string of text selected from an array of many language translations in the language set in the user's preferences or the most appropriate fallback language (as determined by GetFallback).


 |en =
 |xx =
 |default =
 |lang = {{{lang|}}}
  • en … Text in English language. Unless default option is used, this text will also be used if the languages provided do not include the language set in the user's preferences. If you do not want to show any text when the user's language is English, then use "en=~". LangSwitch templates without an en option will be added to Category:LangSwitch template without English version.
  • xx … Translated text in language xx (the parameter name xx can be any supported language code, and you can specify as many such parameters as needed for each translated language). Use "~" if you do not want any message (or default) in some specific language.
  • default … Default text in case one of the "xx" languages is not the language of user’s preferences. By default, the English version will be shown, if provided.


|en=Wikia Language Brigade
|ca=Brigada d'Idiomes de Wikia
|fr=Brigade des Langues de Wikia
|pl=Brygada Językowa Wiki
|default=Wikia Language Brigade
|lang = {{{lang|}}}
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Wikia Language Brigade

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