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Template documentation

This template must be used in all pages with the File: namespace, both images and other files. It serves to give information about the file, such as its creator and source, its licenses, whether there were changes made and what purpose it is uploaded for.


{{File info
|author   = 
|source   = 
|s-info   = 
|license  = 
|l-info   = 
|license2 = 
|l-info2  = 
|changes  = 
|personal = 
|purpose  = 
|category = 


{{File info
|author   = <creator of the file, if possible with link to his/her profile>
|source   = <the webpage where you found the file>
|s-info   = 
|license  = <the license under which the file falls>
|l-info   = <sometimes, this license has an extra parameter>
|license2 = <an additional license, if the first isn't sufficient>
|l-info2  = <this license also may have an extra parameter>
|changes  = <what changes were made to the original file before uploading>
|personal = <is it for personal use: yes or no>
|purpose  = <what purpose will the file serve on this wiki>
|category = <category name it has to be sorted in>

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