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This page serves as help to get started on the wiki. Here is where you find links to helpful pages on the wiki where you can read an introduction of the project, as well as introduce yourself to the project.

Find information Edit

About the project Edit

Are you new to the wiki and don't you know anything yet? Here are a couple of places where you could start:

  • WLB — explanation of what our project is and what we do.
  • FAQ — common questions that you may be wondering about too, and their answers.

Connect with others Edit

Do you want to get in touch with the community? Check out one of the following places:

The following are lists of users where you can address people individually:

Profile Edit

When you first sign up, your profile will look like the template below. You can replace this with anything you want about yourself, the wikis you edit on and the languages that you speak.

"Hold it right there and stare in awe! This profile belongs to an awesome user."
— Yatalu, July 5, 3013  

This is your user page. You can edit this page to tell the community about yourself: who you are, which wikis you edit on, and which languages you speak and can help in.

Some helpful linksEdit

  • Templates - WLB-related templates you can add to your profile
  • Tabber is a helpful way to display your profile in different languages

Tabber Edit

One helpful way to display your profile in several languages, is using the "Tabber" extension. This will allow you to for instance put every language in a different tab. Here is a short explanation on how to use tabber:

(tab title 1)=
Put here the text that you want to be displayed in your first tab.
(tab title 2)=
Put here the text that you want to be displayed in your second tab.
(tab title 3)=
Put here the text that you want to be displayed in your third tab.
Example input
Hello! I am Yatalu.
¡Hola! Yo soy Yatalu.
Привет! Я — Яталу.
Example output

Hello! I am Yatalu.

¡Hola! Yo soy Yatalu.

Привет! Я — Яталу.

Templates Edit

Looking for a couple of userboxes or other templates to put on your profile? We have a couple of them on our wiki that may be interesting for you:

  • Template:Babel — a template to indicate what languages you can speak.
  • Templates — WLB-related templates that you can use all over Wikia!

More Edit

Not yet satisfied? Here are a couple more places where you can put your name out:

  • Project:Calendar — birthday calendar of our Brigadiers and the wiki's other members.
  • Special:Maps/2398 — all of our Brigadiers and wiki editors, visually on the map!

Wondering about something? Need to ask questions? Here's who you can contact:

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