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This page explains how to create a WLB project page on your wiki, similar to how Community Central's "Parent Page" system works. That way, you could show your wiki's support for our project and you have a faster link for your wiki's users to go and request their own translations.


Basically, you just need to pick the appropriate templates from w:Category:WLB templates and put them together to make the page you would want to represent us with. The logical option is to start with the informational header:


Wikia Language Brigade
The Wikia Language Brigade is a project by Fandom users, "Language Brigadiers", who translate and correct things on request for wikis. This includes wiki articles, but also source material and images. All you need to do is drop a request on one of our two request pages, to which you can go by clicking one of the buttons below.

Do you feel like joining too? If you know only English, you can just join to be an English corrector on this page. If you know more languages: feel free to join any of the other languages, which are listed in the category Brigadiers. Additionally, you can also directly contact Yatalu, the founder of the project.

Request translation  Request correction

This header explains what the Wikia Language Brigade is, and links to some of our most important pages. The color of the buttons will change depending on the wiki. After the header, you can put the WLB table. this may be the full table:


(For the sake of page length, we will not render it here.) If you find this too long, you can also create a subpage at for instance w:Special:MyPage/wlb and select which languages you want to display. For instance, if you only want English and Dutch, you would put:


After that, you can put the name of this page on your wiki by writing:


When you have finished, you can categorize it or add extra modules manually at a local level (creating templates locally), so that the project page will be more integrated into your wiki.


You don't want to dedicate an entire page to our project? That's fine, there's plenty of other ways to show your love for us:

  • Putting only {{w:WLB/header/en}} in a section of another project page, such as your "About" page, or a policy pages discussing the use of language or interlanguage links on your wiki.
  • Writing a section about the Wikia Language Brigade on one of your wiki's project pages, explaining what we do and how we could be of further help to the wiki. The page WLB could be an inspiration.
  • Putting the Wikia Language Brigade in your wiki's affiliates or alliances list.

Wikis supporting WLB[]

The list below are English wikis that support the Wikia Language Brigade, with links to the page where they show this support explicitly. Are you an admin of one such wiki? Feel free to add a link below then, but keep the wikis sorted by size, for the sake of recognizability.