Místico Kane

  • I was born on July 20
  • My occupation is Szukam dzbanów ze złotem i leprechaunów!
  • I am Irlandczykiem
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  • Thank you for sending me a telepathy, but sorry, I haven't met you yet (>_<) I thought I came chat at 23:55 in Poland... Sorry to coming the deadline.

    P.S. Oh, you came chat at 23:45 in PL (during I ate breakfast) ... !? Sorry to passing(?).

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    • By the way, you meant to tell me something? And I was afraid that 0:00 was too late for you... isn't it?

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    • Sorry, tomorrow i go to school :/. Next friday at 23:00?

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    • I can't go today's 23:00 in Poland, too. If you are not busy, I'm in the chat now.

      Next friday at 23:00... If I think I will be able to go (means I'm not sleepy), I'll leave you a message at this message wall.

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    • A FANDOM user
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