MediaWiki messages are system messages and editable by admins only. Therefore, we have opted to not transclude them directly from content space, to avoid vandalism, spam and decrease the chance for low-quality translations. This page lists subpages named after the to be translated Mediawiki page and sorted alphabetically (per section). On each subpage you'll find the individual language versions in <pre> tags, sorted by language code (except for en at the front). Each version is headed by its language code, which links to the actual Mediawiki page in use.

Translations of MediaWiki messages may be placed in one of the pages below. Admins will check these pages regularly and manually review these translations. If they look okay, the appropriate MediaWiki message will be updated. If they look bad, another translator may be consulted or the proposed translation will be rejected.

If no admin updates MediaWiki/this page after a day or two — please be patient and wait 24h! — they probably have not seen your edit. In that case, you should post a message on one of their message walls.

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