This page contains an overview of the most important events and changes on this wiki and the WLB project. The events covered on this page span all of October 2015. For updates from other months, see Project:Update.

Requests[edit source]

We have several new translation and spotlight requests. Those newly created in October that are still open are:

Translation Spotlight

Wiki management[edit source]

  • Translations:
    • Mainframe98 has been providing many Dutch and also Frisian page and template translations
    • God-Eye Galatea Fanboy and MultiBana have translated Botalu's commands and several pages into Hebrew
    • and many other of our members have translated to German, Tagalog, Italian and more! Thank you :)

Code[edit source]

  • In the latter half of October, our wiki and chat has been given a nice Halloween-theme!
  • Moldovian and Chinese (Taiwan) were added to {{LangSwitch}}
  • Some minor tweaks were made to MediaWiki:Spotlight.js

Skype[edit source]

There has been a lot ongoing on the WLB Skype groups:

  • Project:Skype has been created with an overview.
  • Several Skype groups have been made public and easily joinable with links, that are open also for non-Brigadiers!
  • Project:Skype policy has been drafted but has not yet been finalized.

Brigadiers[edit source]

All of these new Brigadiers have joined us this month:

We welcome them all to our team and hope that they will have a great time and gain a lot of useful experiences here.

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