This page contains an overview of the most important events and changes on this wiki and the WLB project. The events covered on this page span all of September 2015. For updates from other months, see Project:Update.

Requests Edit

We have several new translation and spotlight requests. Those newly created in September that are still open are:

Translation Spotlight

Wiki management Edit

Code Edit

  • Through the September 9 technical update, the chat's welcome message broke and its code had to be fixed.
  • International spotlights form was updated to that non-registered users can no longer request spotlights.
  • International spotlights have been given a dropdown for Helpers to answer requests most easily.

Projects Edit

Yatta and Fin have taken Finnish Assassin's Creed Wiki up for a wiki development project throughout September. The following has been achieved:

  • Shared Image Repository was enabled with the English wiki as source wiki
  • Wiki design was updated: a new background and theme colors were set
  • Main page was cleaned up and got links to articles about important characters
  • 5 new articles were created (translated by Finelia)
  • "Stub" template was made and used on several articles

If you are also interested in trying one such project and help translate several articles while Yatalu helps with design and features, feel free to post a message here. Make sure that the wiki is a) non-English, b) not active, with no more than monthly edits, and c) relevant, about a topic that will attract some readers.

Brigadiers Edit

All of these new Brigadiers have joined us this month:

We welcome them all to our team and hope that they will have a great time and gain a lot of useful experiences here.

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