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This page contains an overview of the most important events and changes on this wiki and the WLB project. The events covered on this page span all of July 2015. For updates from other months, see Project:Update.

Happy birthday Edit

The Wikia Language Brigade turned 2 roughly a month ago. This year, we didn't have an awesome video, but still congratulations to all! See also: Thread:16634.

Requests Edit

We have several new translation and spotlight requests. Those newly created in July that are still open are:

Translation Spotlight

Code Edit

  • The spotlights script has been tweaked, and we're using a new naming format now with XX- instead of XX/ at the start.
  • Thanks to User:Plover-Y, Template:Userbox/list now lists all userbox templates nicely for users to pick their favorite. (Also, Template:User food exists now for people who don't like cake.)

Call for help Edit

Additionally, we would like to call for everyone's help. This wiki gets increasingly bigger, but the work is done by only a small group of people. Therefore, a kind request:

  • The Project:Stats pages can use people willing to fill out WAM statistics! These stats are legible by anyone, but will expire after some months if not timely added to our stats.
  • User:Yatalu/possible_tasks contains a fair number of tasks anyone can do!

Brigadiers Edit

All of these new Brigadiers have joined us this month:

We welcome them all to our team and hope that they will have a great time and gain a lot of useful experiences here.

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