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Hello all! This is the very first update of the update list. I will post everything significant from April on this page, but if I am missing something, feel free to let me know on my message wall and I will add it.

YATTA ヽ( ° ヮ° )ノ

Merge[edit source]

One of the important things that happened in April is the merge! As planned, Language Brigade Wiki has finally merged (see also: User blog:Yatalu/Merge). However, we have merged together three wikis instead of two:

  • wlb.wikia
  • translation.wikia
  • translators.wikia

The last wiki in the list was the wiki for international spotlights. Unlike translation requests and correction requests, spotlights will be done only by Helpers. There are currently three Helpers responsible for i18n spotlights:

  • Yatalu - Dutch (NL) Helper
  • Vuh - Polish (PL) Helper
  • Hulothe - French (FR) Helper

Please contact them if you have questions or remarks with international spotlights.

Reform[edit source]

Two reforms have been started (but are not yet complete):

  • Internationalization of pages: we are no longer using int: but instead use {{langSwitch}} to internationalize pages.
  • WOTW is in the process of being simplified so that it can soon be restarted.

New Brigadiers[edit source]

We have many new Brigadiers on our team:

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