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Hello! This page is a list of all things that can and/or should be done around WLB wiki. It is a task list for both members of the WLB or just general Language Brigade Wiki contributors (both anon and registered). Everyone is free to add, change and remove things when there is need for it. Preferably however, things to do for a specific language should be added in the section of that language.

Note: not all WLB members have to work on the WLB wiki; not all people working on the WLB wiki have to be WLB members. WLB members outside of this wiki can be found in the template, while non-WLB members can be recognized by the color of their usernames.

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General tasks Edit

  • Spread the word about the WLB!
    • Feel free to blog/forum post on any wiki (with permission of admins)
    • More members and more languages are welcomed
    • We love any translation/correction requests
  • You can correct spelling, language and syntax mistakes on any wiki, as long as you do not alter the content

Correcting pages Edit

The pages of this wiki also need to be double-checked, as they are not necessarily written by native speakers. Below is a list of English pages on this wiki. If you have checked them, add your babel level with a link to your name.

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