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This is a draft, not an actual policy yet. You're free to translate, but please:
  • beware that the text is very changable and might be outdated quickly on non-English versions
  • put a notice at the top of your translation to indicate that the policy is not yet in effect

The Skype policy applies to all Skype groups of the Wikia Language Brigade, which are listed on Project:Skype. To join the Skype groups, you need to have Skype installed and you need to have created a Skype account too. How you can join is further explained on Project:Skype.

Behavior[edit source]

  • Follow the general rules

Language[edit source]

Every group has its own language and you are expected to only speak in the group's language, even if your own language doesn't have a group.

Group creation[edit source]

Creating a new Skype group for the Wikia Language Brigade will always be done by Yatalu. For a group to be created, the following conditions must be met:

  • Three Brigadiers with a Babel level of at least 2 in that language want this Skype group to exist.
  • Three speakers of the language (Brigadiers or other) at Babel level 2 or higher must participate in this group.
  • At least one of the people in this group should be able to communicate with User:Yatalu.

If the above conditions are met, please post a message to Yatalu on her message wall and ask her what language you are requesting a Skype group for.

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