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The Wikia Language Brigade has several Skype groups you're free to join and participate in. We have a main group where English is used, several subgroups where specific languages are used, and also a multilingual group for voice calls. If there are several people interested in making a new subgroup, let Yatalu know so she can make one.

Rules[edit source]

The following rules apply:

Groups[edit source]

Join[edit source]

If you have Skype, you can join our skype groups by clicking the images or the links below the images. It will pop an additional screen up and you'll need to click to "launch the application". If Skype still needs to start up, it might take a while before you join the group.

If the above method does not work, you can alternatively also add Yatalu as a friend on Skype. Please put your Wikia username and that you're from the WLB in the description when adding her. After she accepts your request, let her know which groups (English, …) you would like to be added in.

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