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Reviewing is giving your opinions, critique and the like on the services of the WLB – translating and correcting, but also for instance interwiki linking of articles. It should be done on the page Guestbook.

Who can review?Edit

  • Our own WLB members
  • People who have made use of our services (requested translations, ...)
  • Contributors/readers of a wiki we helped on
  • Other Wikians
  • Anonymous contributors
  • Basically anyone!

What to review?Edit

You can tell us just thanks, or that we're lazy and useless, but it would be nicer if you actually gave us constructive criticism. Things you could talk about are

  • Behavior of our Brigadiers
  • Behavior of the "client" (user who requested translation, ...)
  • Quality of the translations/corrections
  • Our procedures: were they fast? Effective? Confusing?
  • What would you do differently (next time)?


  • You can write in any language.
  • Don't use profanities, capslock, l33t speak or related.
  • Try to explain yourself: why do you think well/badly of us?
  • A short post is nice, an elaborate post even nicer.
  • Sign your post with ~~~~.

When to reviewEdit

Reviews do not need to be done instantly, right after the work is done. It is a good idea to do it within a week or two as it is still fresh in the mind, but if you are busy, you may post them at some time of your convenience in the future.

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