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There are a number of policies which apply across all Wikia. These can be found on the Central Wikia at Wikia:Category:Policy and cannot be changed by the users or admins here.

Below are all the policies that apply on the Language Brigade Wiki. Please follow them. If you would like to discuss or change any of these rules, contact an administrator.

The rules below are the general rules of the Language Brigade Wiki. They apply over the entire wiki and, to the extent possible, to the Wikia Language Brigade as a whole.

General rules Edit

  • Stick to Wikia's Terms of Use
  • Keep swearing, cursing, suggestive and other vulgar language to the absolute minimum
  • Don't spam, don't caps, don't flood
  • Internationalization of pages
    • Content pages are internationalized with MediaWiki pages
    • Category and user pages are internationalized with tabber
    • Blog and forum pages are internationalized with tabview
    • See also: Add
  • Avoid creating pages without verifying if they are needed
  • Follow all other rules that apply to this wiki
  • When doing translations/corrections on another wiki, follow the rules of that wiki

You will only be banned for one of the following reasons Edit

  • Not following Wikia's ToU (age limit, user harassment, sockpuppetry, other)
  • Continued spam and vandalism
    • triple miss is a ban; you will usually be warned after the first and/or second time, so unless you make mistakes on short notice, you'll know
    • "triple miss" counter is reset after 30 days
  • Continued rude, violent, offensive or foul language after warning
  • Continued failure to abide other rules described in our policy (only when explicitly mentioned in the policy as a bannable offense)

The following rules apply to joining the WLB and being a Brigadier. We advise our members to read this either before joining, or after joining but before doing any major edits.

Multiple accountsEdit

You are allowed to become a Brigadier with multiple accounts. However, you must let the admins/guardians know on beforehand that these accounts are used by the same person. Notifying an admin/guardian should be in written form (i.e. message wall, not chat).

The person you notify should preferably be an admin. If none of the admins speak a language you can speak, go to a Portal Guardian. (Note: Please be patient and give said admin/guardian 48h to confirm that he/she has gotten your message.)

Ensuring language qualityEdit

As a language-based project, our focus lies on the language proficiency of our users. Even though this is not always possible, we aim to provide decent translations and corrections.

We use Wikipedia's Babel system of proficiency levels for this. This is more of a guideline than a rule. However, if someone's Babel level is strongly believed to be wrong, it may be increased or decreased:

  • By the user him/herself (no maximum in/decrease)
  • By an administrator over the entire wiki (maximum in/decrease: 1)
  • By the language's Portal Guardian (maximum in/decrease: 1)

Member removalEdit

Removal from a language will happen only if

  1. The user's Babel level is wrong by at least 2 levels (e.g. claiming "near-native" while actual level is barely "intermediate")
  2. The user is found to be using a machine translator (e.g. Google Translate) for a language they enrolled in
    • This goes for both personal translations (user profiles, etc) and wiki translations (translation requests, etc)
    • Exception: users with a babel level of 1, who used it for personal translations
  3. The user is globally banned or disabled

Notes for removal

  • If a portal has a Portal Guardian, this person has the final say whether or not removal is necessary; only admins or Portal Guardians may remove a person from a language
  • If the user puts themselves back in again, they will get a warning; the second time, they will be removed from all languages

Adding backEdit

Adding back to a language after removal

  • Cannot be done within 1 month
  • Portal Guardian (if no Portal Guardian: admin) must agree on beforehand
  • Two other members with a babel level of 2 or higher must agree (unless language is smaller than 10 brigadiers)

Adding back to WLB

  • Cannot be done within 2 months
  • Must be done for every language with above procedure

None of the membership rules are bannable offenses. For a list of bannable offenses, see the general rules.

The request policy applies to the Translate: (translation) and Correct: (correction) namespaces, especially on Translate:Requests and Correct:Requests. For international spotlight requests (English requests here), see the rules that are written on Spotlight:Requests.

Rules Edit

  • Follow the general rules.
  • Follow the instructions as they are written on the top of the request pages.
  • Request limitations
    • Maximum number of links per request: 3. Exceptions:
      • If one requested item is several printed pages: 1
      • If you are posting sentences or short paragraphs, you can add up to ten.
    • You can have multiple requests running, but only create 1/day (2 for Brigadiers, no limit for Staff).
    • Max number of requested languages - translations only: 10 (20 for Brigadiers, no limit for Staff).
    • Wikia interface translations may be requested only by Fandom Staff and Helpers.
    • You cannot add/change the languages or items of the request after it has already been worked on.
    • We do not reverse-translate (translate things back into their source language).
  • Wiki limitations
    • The wiki must exist and be located on Fandom; Wikipedias and other external wikis may be done but as a personal initiative of the Brigadiers.
    • The wiki which the request is made for, must be at least 30 days old (60 days if founder = requester)
    • If the translation is not for a wiki but for a Fandom user, you must list a Wikia wiki where the text is currently or will be displayed on.
  • When requesting individual users and not on request pages:
    • Please make note that they can decline/refuse, even when they have put themselves as available U-Available in our memberlist. Do not push people to do your request.
    • You still have to follow these request guidelines, do not use this project to long-term engage Brigadiers in your own project.
  • For all of the above applies that you may not ask others to create a request to circumvent these rules or limitations.

Request types Edit

  • Active requests (transcorr)
    • Requests that have not yet been worked on or
    • Requests that aren't yet completed, but have no one working on them or
    • Requests that have been completed but need someone to look over them.
  • On hold requests (transcorr)
    • Requests that are being worked on or
    • Requests to/from a lot of languages of which 10 or more languages have been completed or
    • Requests that exceed the guidelines (e.g. more items than allowed).
  • Completed requests (transcorr)
    • Requests that have been completely finished or
    • Requests where no more work can be done as agreed with requester or
    • Requests to/from a lot of languages of which 20 or more have been completed or
    • Requests with more items than allowed of which more than 5 or (if one long item) 10,000 bytes worth of article have been completed or
    • Requests that have gone without changes for half a year (6 months).

Reviewing is giving your opinions, critique and the like on the services of the WLB – translating and correcting, but also for instance interwiki linking of articles. It should be done on the page Guestbook.

Who can review?Edit

  • Our own WLB members
  • People who have made use of our services (requested translations, ...)
  • Contributors/readers of a wiki we helped on
  • Other Wikians
  • Anonymous contributors
  • Basically anyone!

What to review?Edit

You can tell us just thanks, or that we're lazy and useless, but it would be nicer if you actually gave us constructive criticism. Things you could talk about are

  • Behavior of our Brigadiers
  • Behavior of the "client" (user who requested translation, ...)
  • Quality of the translations/corrections
  • Our procedures: were they fast? Effective? Confusing?
  • What would you do differently (next time)?


  • You can write in any language.
  • Don't use profanities, capslock, l33t speak or related.
  • Try to explain yourself: why do you think well/badly of us?
  • A short post is nice, an elaborate post even nicer.
  • Sign your post with ~~~~.

When to reviewEdit

Reviews do not need to be done instantly, right after the work is done. It is a good idea to do it within a week or two as it is still fresh in the mind, but if you are busy, you may post them at some time of your convenience in the future.

Live! Chat

Please read the chat policy!

The chat policy applies in this wiki's Live! Chat. It does not apply in another wiki's chat, nor in any IRC, chatango or other chat room that may carry a WLB-related name.

To join the chat, you just need to click the "Start a Chat" or "Join the Chat" button on the right side. This should open the Live! Chat in a new window. However, make sure that you have read these chat rules before joining.

Behavior Edit

  • Follow the general rules
  • Avoid posting empty lines, just dots or just emoticons
  • All languages are equal
    • Do not demand that others speak your language
    • If possible, speak a language other users in chat understand too
  • Linking within Wikia
    • Avoid linking wikis; it is allowed if it's functional, asked for or topic of conversation
    • If it is in relation with a request, please link the request page instead
    • Advertising and posting links so that people will join your wiki is not allowed in any circumstances
    • Linking chats is only allowed in private chat and only upon request of other users
  • External links are also allowed, as long as they do not disrupt the chat
  • Political topics and news
    • Discussions about political topics and news should move to private messages if heated
    • Controversial or sensitive topics and news are not allowed
    • Shaming of another nationality, ethnicity, etc. is not allowed (see also Wikia's Terms of Use)
  • Listen to the chat mods and other users with chat mod rights

Languages allowed Edit

All languages are equal, so everyone is completely allowed to speak any foreign language in the chat. It is not allowed to demand another user to speak a language you understand.

However, please keep in mind these thumb rules:

  • If possible, you need to speak a language other users in chat understand too; if others in chat ask you to switch to a language that they understand and you speak that language, it would be nice to do so.
  • If a chat moderator asks you to change to another language that you also speak, you need to do so.

Chat bans Edit

  • Admins, guardians, mods, Wikia Staff, Helpers and VSTF are allowed to kick/ban at their own discretion
    1. Wikia Staff, Helpers and VSTF who are also WLB members, may act just like the wiki's chat moderators
    2. Wikia Staff, Helpers and VSTF who are not WLB members, should only act when no active moderating users are around
  • Advised procedure
    1. Kind warning and pointing out the rules
    2. Stern warning
    3. Kick (skip the previous 2 steps in the case of spamming, flooding or grave rule violations)
    4. Chat ban
  • You cannot receive a wiki ban from breaking the chat rules!

Moderators Edit

Chat moderators exist to cover most major languages: they help people in chat, and they make sure chat goes smoothly and everyone feels welcome.

List Edit

Local Global
Chat moderators

For a full list of the chat moderators and some information about them, see Project:Moderators.

Promotions Edit

Promotion of chat mods happens in the following way:

  • Selection by an admin
  • Approval by wiki editors (through community vote)
  • NO self promotion

Some criteria kept into account for choosing a new chat mod:

  • Relevance of the language: focus on major languages
  • Activity in the chat: how often does he/she come to chat
  • Helpfulness to users: does he/she help other users

Demotions Edit

If a chat moderator is absent from chat for over 1 month (30 days), his/her moderator status will be taken away. Exception:

  • If he/she announced his/her absence [and reason thereof] on beforehand.
  • Reconsideration of mods who left unannounced because of an emergency or other weighty reason.


  • Before chat moderator status is taken away, the moderator will get a message on his/her message wall and gets a couple of days to respond.
  • If the number of chat moderators goes down, it does not necessarily mean that we are looking for new moderators to take their place.

Chat bot Edit

Botalu is the wiki's chat bot and will be present in the chat most of the time. She can speak various languages, as can be seen on her profile, but will only do so when moderators ask her to.

Some rules in regards to Botalu:

  • Moderators are not allowed to overuse Botalu's commands for any purpose. A couple of small tests to see if it works is fine; however if it is only to see which commands are available, this can be seen at User:Botalu/commands.
  • Please do not demand for Botalu to speak; the bot's main purpose is to help other users. Some commands are an exception to that, but they should not be overused.
  • When translating command lines at User:Botalu/commands, please keep in mind that you should not add any command lines in your language that aren't there in other languages.

Copyright policy

These are a couple of rules of thumb concerning copyright and licensing, that you should follow:

  • Content made by the WLB falls under CC-BY-SA 3.0.[1] This means that,
    • You're free to edit and share translations and corrections to your own liking, but
    • You must keep the shared and edited content under the same license and
    • You must attribute (e.g. on wikis: in the edit summary) us.
  • Content made by other Wikia wikis also falls under CC-BY-SA 3.0. This means that,
    • You're free to make translations of any Wikia articles to your own liking, but
    • You must keep the translated content under the same license and
    • You must attribute (e.g. on wikis: in the edit summary) them.
  • Follow Wikia's Licensing Policy.

Privacy policy

These are a couple of rules of thumb concerning privacy, that you should follow:

  • Protect your own privacy: don't put information on your profile or tell people things that you don't want others to know about you.
  • Respect the privacy of others: avoid asking other users personal info, and don't ask them info when they show they're not comfortable with giving it.
  • Follow Fandom Privacy Policy.

This is a draft to rewrite the policies into one page. Please do not translate yet, unless someone who doesn't understand them wants to know what's written here. Feel free to write any comments or remarks on my message wall or skype. (btw: is this order good? or should I reorganize?)

Already exported from this document:

Review policyEdit

The review policy applies to the page Testimonials, where you can post any comments or remarks of

  • Follow the general rules
  • Anyone can post a review: Brigadiers, Wikians and anons - even if they never edited here before
  • Reviews can be posted anytime: if your request was last year, you can still post now
  • You may write in any language, languages outside those we cover, and even conlanguages included
  • What can you review?
    • What you think of the project: good idea? doomed to fail?
    • General behavior or communication: of people making/responding to/completing requests
    • How requests were handled: speed, quality of the translation
    • Our wiki: structure, translations, any ideas you have
    • Basically anything you can think of!
  • Both if you are posting a negative and positive review, explanation ("why do you think so?") is nice
  • Short posts are nice, long posts are nicer :)
  • Don't forget to sign!

Portal policyEdit

  • Follow the general rules
  • When posting a message:
    • When creating a new message, start a new header
    • Always sign (~~~~) your messages
    • When responding, add one more indentation than previous post
  • To be able to add yourself as member in a portal, you must
    • Be a Wikian or Brigadier with babel level ≥ 2, OR
    • Be a moderator, rollback, admin, bureaucrat, VSTF, Helper or Staff with babel level = 1
  • To be able to add yourself as moderator in a portal, you must
    • Have translated at least several paragraphs of that language on this wiki or on request, AND
    • Be a moderator, rollback, admin, bureaucrat, VSTF, Helper or Staff with babel level ≥ 2
  • Do not add other people to the portal
  • Sort portal members by babel level and (within the same level) alphabetically

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.