The following rules apply to joining the WLB and being a Brigadier. We advise our members to read this either before joining, or after joining but before doing any major edits.

Multiple accounts[edit source]

You are allowed to become a Brigadier with multiple accounts. However, you must let the admins/guardians know on beforehand that these accounts are used by the same person. Notifying an admin/guardian should be in written form (i.e. message wall, not chat).

The person you notify should preferably be an admin. If none of the admins speak a language you can speak, go to a Portal Guardian. (Note: Please be patient and give said admin/guardian 48h to confirm that he/she has gotten your message.)

Ensuring language quality[edit source]

As a language-based project, our focus lies on the language proficiency of our users. Even though this is not always possible, we aim to provide decent translations and corrections.

We use Wikipedia's Babel system of proficiency levels for this. This is more of a guideline than a rule. However, if someone's Babel level is strongly believed to be wrong, it may be increased or decreased:

  • By the user him/herself (no maximum in/decrease)
  • By an administrator over the entire wiki (maximum in/decrease: 1)
  • By the language's Portal Guardian (maximum in/decrease: 1)

Member removal[edit source]

Removal from a language will happen only if

  1. The user's Babel level is wrong by at least 2 levels (e.g. claiming "near-native" while actual level is barely "intermediate")
  2. The user is found to be using a machine translator (e.g. Google Translate) for a language they enrolled in
    • This goes for both personal translations (user profiles, etc) and wiki translations (translation requests, etc)
    • Exception: users with a babel level of 1, who used it for personal translations
  3. The user is globally banned or disabled

Notes for removal

  • If a portal has a Portal Guardian, this person has the final say whether or not removal is necessary; only admins or Portal Guardians may remove a person from a language
  • If the user puts themselves back in again, they will get a warning; the second time, they will be removed from all languages

Adding back[edit source]

Adding back to a language after removal

  • Cannot be done within 1 month
  • Portal Guardian (if no Portal Guardian: admin) must agree on beforehand
  • Two other members with a babel level of 2 or higher must agree (unless language is smaller than 10 brigadiers)

Adding back to WLB

  • Cannot be done within 2 months
  • Must be done for every language with above procedure

None of the membership rules are bannable offenses. For a list of bannable offenses, see the general rules.

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