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This is a list of the languages that we (will) have available on our wiki, as well as any other relevant languages. The languages marked in green are the ones we have translators of in Category:Brigadiers. The languages marked in reddish grey are not available on either Wikipedia or Wikia, and will not be covered by us.

Written behind the language codes are the highest babel level we have translators of. The number of languages available on this wiki may also be different from the number of languages we have translators of. This is because not all of our 300 members work on the wiki, and because external people may provide translations on WLB wiki too without being members.

WLB-favicon.png ISO Max babel Local language name English language name Wikipedia Wikia
1 Small-en.png en Babel-N.png English English Wikipedia Wikia
2 Icon-Arabic.png ar Babel-N.png العربية Arabic Wikipedia Wikia
3 Small-bg.png bg Babel-N.png български Bulgarian Wikipedia Wikia
4 Small-ca.png ca Babel-N.png català Catalan Wikipedia Wikia
5 Small-cs.png cs Babel-3.png čeština Czech Wikipedia Wikia
6 Small-da.png da Babel-1.png dansk Danish Wikipedia Wikia
7 Small-de.png de Babel-N.png Deutsch German Wikipedia Wikia
8 Small-el.png el Babel-N.png Ελληνικά Greek Wikipedia Wikia
9 Small-es.png es Babel-N.png español Spanish Wikipedia Wikia
10 Small-et.png et Babel-N.png eesti Estonian Wikipedia Wikia
11 Small-fa.png fa Babel-N.png فارسی Persian Wikipedia Wikia
12 Small-fi.png fi Babel-N.png suomi Finnish Wikipedia Wikia
13 Small-fr.png fr Babel-N.png français French Wikipedia Wikia
14 Small-he.png he Babel-3.png עברית Hebrew Wikipedia Wikia
15 Small-hi.png hi Babel-N.png हिन्दी Hindi Wikipedia Wikia
16 Small-hr.png hr Babel-4.png hrvatski Croatian Wikipedia Wikia
17 Small-hu.png hu Babel-1.png magyar Hungarian Wikipedia Wikia
18 Small-id.png id Babel-N.png Bahasa Indonesia Indonesian Wikipedia Wikia
19 Small-it.png it Babel-N.png italiano Italian Wikipedia Wikia
20 Small-ja.png ja Babel-N.png 日本語 Japanese Wikipedia Wikia
21 Small-ko.png ko Babel-N.png 한국어 Korean Wikipedia Wikia
22 Small-ms.png ms Babel-N.png Bahasa Melayu Malaysian Wikipedia Wikia
23 Small-nl.png nl Babel-N.png Nederlands Dutch Wikipedia Wikia
24 Small-no.png no Babel-N.png norsk Norwegian Wikipedia Wikia
25 Small-pl.png pl Babel-N.png polski Polish Wikipedia Wikia
26 Small-pt-pt.png pt Babel-N.png português Portuguese Wikipedia Wikia
27 Small-pt-br.png pt-br Babel-N.png português do Brasil Brazilian Portuguese Wikia
28 Small-ro.png ro Babel-N.png română Romanian Wikipedia Wikia
29 Small-ru.png ru Babel-N.png русский Russian Wikipedia Wikia
30 Small-sr.png sr Babel-N.png српски / srpski Serbian Wikipedia Wikia
31 Small-sv.png sv Babel-N.png svenska Swedish Wikipedia Wikia
32 Small-th.png th ไทย Thai Wikipedia Wikia
33 Small-tl.png tl Babel-N.png Tagalog Tagalog Wikipedia Wikia
34 Small-tr.png tr Babel-2.png Türkçe Turkish Wikipedia Wikia
35 Small-uk.png uk Babel-N.png українська Ukrainian Wikipedia Wikia
36 Small-vi.png vi Babel-N.png Tiếng Việt Vietnamese Wikipedia Wikia
37 Small-zh.png zh Babel-N.png 中文 Chinese Wikipedia Wikia

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