Wanna get started? Follow our guide to find all info you may need to start.

  1. Sign in/sign up on translatewiki.net
  2. Make sure you are logged in.
  3. Make sure you have a user page, preferably with some useful information on it, like which language(s) you will be working on, and a link to the user page in your main wiki, or another location where you can be reached.
  4. Consider confirming your e-mail address.
  5. New requests are at the top of the page. Please indicate the language you would like to translate into.
  6. After you have translator rights, you can add your name to the portal of your language.
  7. You only need to get translator rights once. When you are a translator for one language, you are able (and allowed if you understand the language) to translate in other languages as well.

Most of these steps are covered by http://translatewiki.net/wiki/Special:FirstSteps.

Get started with translating![edit source]

Go to http://translatewiki.net/wiki/Translating:Wikia and have fun translating all features of Wikia into your language!

Open questions?[edit source]

For any questions you can discuss this article or ask any admin on this wiki.

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